🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

With only 1 province( realm) unlocked the story is only just unfolding. Due to the way SG ramp up the difficulty as you have progressed in previous seasons creating a free roaming story would need a major overhaul so expect to follow the same pattern as previous

Yes, and a couple people have commented that the dialogue seems a little improved vs. S2.

Not good, just…less awful. :rofl:

There might be :man_shrugging:

We’re only seeing the first 3 of what’ll probably be 36 Provinces in total.


That has been the big mystery. Where will Thanos wear that sixth icon, one wonders?

I’m wondering if the heroes from the 9th realm will be the best - looking at you Thor, Loki, and Odin. Does that mean I should wait towards the end of the year to do those S3 summons? Just like Kage and Poseidon were the hardest hitters from S2 and weren’t revealed until near the end


there’s always eventual power creep. if you wait 3 years, there will be even better heroes. And if you wait 10, we might even have 8 star heroes (assuming the game still exists).

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Beta Update

Beta has reopened, with the first 4 Provinces available, as well as balance changes to Heroes and Realm Bonuses, and the first appearance of the Valhalla Summon Portal.

Cross-quoting information on that:


So… would Thor + the Avengers be the ultimate boss of season 3?

@zephyr1 I know it’s hard to speculate, but… with the quickly closing and reopening Beta for season 3 does that mean we might get it this month?

What will be the first heroes of the beginning of season 3? Will we have HOTM on the portal? Any tips?

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It’s possible, and the rapid Beta cycles certainly point toward imminent release.

At this point I suspect it’ll likely be next month at latest.

We do know that Version 27 was planned for release in late February, and it’s looking like Season 3 will be in Version 27 — so it’ll just be a question of whether they release in time for Season 3 to start the last week of February.


As a very happy owner of Poseidon, I was wondering this same thing.


Thanks for that educated guess. :slight_smile:
I’ve been looking forward to all the new aspects of the game. Path of Valor has been a nice change to some of the repetitive grinding in the game. Season 3 looks like it’ll bring some unique changes as well.

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Maybe it was asked before - I haven’t found it:
What are the preconditions for season 3?
Do you need to complete a certain S2 map in order to start it?
What is the required TP (roughly) in order to play it?

Thanks in advance

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Still don’t know this, unfortunately.

It’s looking relatively on par with Season 2 to start, so 4* are very workable.


Several post above @zephyr1 wrote:

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I’ve completed the first 3 provinces in Normal difficulty with my farming team of rainbow 5*s while autobattling. Other testers reported that they were able to complete Normal with rainbow 4* teams as well (not sure if they auto-battled).

I did a little bit of Hard difficulty yesterday, I tried with my rainbow team of 5*s and still managed to complete the first few levels in province 1 – however I did not autobattle this time, I went in actually doing moves.

Since Beta reopened our progress in the story got wiped for our Beta accounts, so we need to redo these stages (Normal and Hard)


Can’t help but infer from the sudden change to Atlantis schedule S3 will release this month. If not they’d have given us more notice and rearranged starting next month.


I hope it also serve others… 20 chars

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Do we expect any Beta update before Atlantis closes?
I have no hurry with season 3 heroes but if Hel would be returning i’d rather wait for that one :slight_smile:

It would be incredibly unusual for Beta to be updated over the weekend, so no, I don’t expect updates before Monday or Tuesday.

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