🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

OT, but props for the Bob Log III avi :metal:

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I might have missed this, but is there currently a summons gate that allows the use of the Valhalla coins? If so, is it the same chances as Atlantis but with season 3 heroes instead of season 2?

The Valhalla Summons hasn’t been added to Beta yet, so we don’t know what the Appearance Rates will be, or whether it might have something like the old HOTM featured in the Atlantis Portal.

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I think it’s the realm bonus icons… But they changed a little bit

Maybe, but the upshot is that they’re probably an old version, whatever they are.

Still hoping for season 2 to be added to the regular summon gate or something, also is AR in danger of disappearing because of season 3?

I have no idea yet whether they’re planning any changes to the availability of Season 2 Heroes, or to the format of AR.

We’re unlikely to have much insight into that until the official announcements about Season 3 releasing.

Interesting question for you. year one HOTM are in the Atlantis summons would it be far fetched to think this last years HOTM will be released in this summons also? Will give players incentive to pull from both gates and farm both provinces ya think?


Certainly seems like a possibility, at least. Having 4 different returning HOTM every month would give a lot of incentive for people to make use of both Portals.


Oh ■■■■ another Uncle Bob fan, first time I see someone recognizing this pic!

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Oh yeah, been a fan since his Doo Rag days. You have good taste, my friend.

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i really really hope that will be the case, i was collecting gems for this Atlantis, but the thought of Hel being in Season 3 Portal makes me want to hoard everything for that.
So hard to decide!!

Likewise! :smiley:

20 characters of Bob Log III

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Possibly a form of family bonus but for element stacking?

Not sure why there is 6 though…

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Beta Update

Season 3 Beta 4 is now closed.

Another round of Beta is planned shortly, aiming for as early as later today.


Maybe I’ve missed that, but is there any info about summon cost, additional ascension material chests, hotm and such?

The Valhalla Summon Portal hasn’t been in Beta at all, so no, there’s no information on that yet.

Was there Already a story Line in bèta?
I.'m wondering if it’s better than for s2 :slight_smile:

I like the extra realm effects and Rocks.
However i thought there would be more variations in playing style. Instead of a linear world they could vary with different paths or stages for only max 3 or 4* heroes or something.
But still looking forward!


given that there are so many beta runs now, in addition to the AR change, do you think there’s a high chance (50%+) for s3 to come out this month?

It’s a good question. Because new version roll out takes usually a week (or little longer) they need to lunch new version till the end of the next week or on the very beginning of the next one.

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