🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

I think they are the icons for special stages?

saw an image in the beta Chat which someone posted which had an icon on it similar to the ones posted in the “sneak peak” thread (just like the fog, underwater, magic night etc… in S2 do)


Hmm, the screenshot I saw used the same icon as the Realms on the Heroes.

I’ll investigate more.

Yeah noticed that when I double checked too


Thanks @zephyr1!

I like the addition of rune tiles, as I think gameplay is getting kinda repetitive and I really enjoyed the seasonal event modifications.

I was hoping for a bit more modification. I would love to see a game mode where you have to play a certain hero or set of heroes that the game “borrows” you for that level. I’ve seen that in other games and it’s by far one of my favourite features - it would be great in E&P so players would be forced to vary some of their strategies besides Wilbur+Wu+Alby (in my case at least). In any case the board modifications are quite interesting and I can’t wait to try them.

It would also be great if some levels had color or class restrictions to really force us to rethink strategies and work different sets of heroes. I know not everyone has a big bench, but if you’ve finished S2 hard you should have enough by now. I feel the game allows you to be a bit complacent. That’s what I love about Raid Tournaments, Trials and Wars – it really forces you to work with heroes you might not usually work with and find their strengths and synergies. I know I have some heroes I have loved after being forced to use them for the first time in such restrictions.


Do those Runic Rocks only have good effects besides the fact, that they cannot be moved?

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Thank you @zephyr1 for this update. Initially, I imagined 4 provinces per realm until I saw the listed layout…I also echo the speculation that , the 9th realm may have 4 or more provinces .

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Each province is basically one of the 9 realms. It would be interesting to face monsters and bosses pertaining to each of them, like giants, elves, and draugrs. Exciting! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info! Now for the wild conjecture that the end of the first path of valor. It would be a sweet the in to Norse mythology…travelling the path of valor to get to the nine realms.

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Yes, all of the effects are beneficial.


I’ve completed the first three provinces now and can add information on the above:

Like Poison Mist, Magic Night, etc. stages in S2, certain S3 stages have a Realm active. This applies the realm bonus on all enemies in that stage, including the boss. So far it’s only Midgard realm bonus stages (since this is where the first provinces take place).

Additionally, there are stages with Elite Enemies, just like in S1! The elite enemies are new, and they feature one of the S3 heroes as the boss. The Boss of the elite enemies stages have all had a realm bonus – despite the fact that the enemy waves do not.


I updated the top post of this thread with your info, thanks!

If I can send you on a data logging mission since you’re farther along than I am, can you take note of the WE costs for each Stage on Normal and Hard?

It looked like it might just parallel Season 2, but I wanted to confirm that holds true past where I am so far.



I saw a list of special effects for heroes from each realm (like family bonuses), and I think those used these symbols (or similar ones). No idea if I was looking at real beta material, of course.

They all cost 6 for Normal mode.

I’ve not yet cleared all of Hard difficulty, however 10 for all Hard stages in the first 3 provinces is likely correct.


Do you only get runic rocks of one color in a stage? Do you know in advance what kind of rocks you’ll get?

They’re random, and not tied to the Stage.


One thing that has not yet been said … will it be necessary to reach a certain province to release the third season? Because Atlantis in the case only opened when we reached province 15 of the first season.

E o custo de convocação vai aumentar também ?


Fight your way to Walhalla… :dragon:

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How difficult are maps? Is difficulty similar to first provinces of Atlantis or maps require stronger teams?

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Yes. I love this. They’ve already played around with it some, making reds do half damage underwater in S2. Do you know how badly that sucks when your best hitter is Kelile? (This was real early on for me.) I would love to see more use for classes than just class trials.

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I’m not sure. The Build Notes don’t say so, and I’ve completed all of Seasons 1 and 2, so I have no way to check personally.

I’m sure this will be clarified when Season 3 is approaching release.

My impression in Province 1 where I’ve played so far is that enemies are perhaps a little stronger than Season 2, but it doesn’t seem like a massive leap.

But I suspect later Provinces will ultimately surpass Season 2’s difficulty, particularly since there are a lot of Provinces.


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