🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

Forgive me if this has already been answered, but I don’t wanna read through 600+ posts…

Is the Norns’ elemental -def limited to tile damage? Or does it apply to special skills as well, like a wildcard Jackal/Falcon/Panther/etc…?

Correct, I’m not publishing them at this time.

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I preferred the first changes, where she was essentially a fast version of Kiril – except she summons bulky Raven minions instead of healing.

The 2nd change they made by just buffing the minions only, still keeps her a bit niche. A bit now though is better than totally niche – she’s still better than the initial version as at least the minion HP stat is nice such that they contribute a decent pseudo-heal for any team


Wait, did they or did they not remove the def up?

20% heal plus def up is a pretty solid support hero, if that’s the case. Couple that with the tiny bit of damage from minions (potentially surviving to deal a moderate amount of damage over time), and shes verging on really good.

Healing preexisting minions was niche enough that they could probably have left it on her card without throwing off balance

Also, does the minion atk buff stack if you have multiple ravens?

yeah she’s definitely better than she used to be. The ravens are much stronger in both bulk and slash attack strength, basically she provides fast speed heal now.

The Raven minions can only buff other minions once. So the attack buff does not stack.

I tested on S3 first province stages.

1 raven hits for about 25 neutral damage. 2 ravens together hit for about 55 neutral damage each. 3 ravens hit for 55 neutral damage each.

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Not a must have, but definitely not something that you’ll be disgusted to pull anymore (*side eye glare at my 3x Guardian Kong)


Is Norns underperforming as badly as I’d imagine, am I missing something, or is he weird enough that people are still doing the “He’s unique and we can find a way to make him work, we just haven’t done so yet” routine?

You a fan of the trailer park boyz Style? Met a bunch of them- super cool guys. Got a guy shot with Randy last summer lol


Wouldn’t she be a potentially solid tank? Say you are a mono player, you don’t get tiles, she fires and now 3 of your darks are weak against her for 4 turns. Mind you, I understand the… just don’t stack vs her ideas (but generally if a tank forces this, they’re already ahead a bit), but she could potentially mess up flank stacks as well, although maybe I am misunderstanding her ability as well. (And no I’m not saying it’s great, I’m just trying to see where she’d fit like anyone else without play experience)

Yes, if she fires your darks will be weak to her. If she then fires again she’ll do roughly double her initial meager damage. Now, let’s suppose the tank was almost ANY other average speed hero. Can any other average speed hero typically used on defense fire twice and have you still be in the game? How about a hero like Anzogh who is near the top of the polls for worst HotM? He fires twice and heals the team for ~400-450 twice, and deals that much to the enemy team each time. Can’t see much room for victory after that. Maybe Aegir if he has terrible flanks that don’t have the required damage output (maybe Obakan and Kadilen flanks or something).

So you don’t see a situation where your board starts semi weak, she turns your color, then because of the color flip she gets to fire again even though your board state was improving? Mind you, once again, im just having a conversation to find use, and potentially there isn’t any. Last hero we talked about like this was jab, and I’d assume you’ve changed your mind on how effective he is, especially on defense, but maybe not.

I hadn’t considered that it would affect tile damage output. Figured it was only a status effect on your own hero so a weakness to elemental damage inbound. If that’s true, it’s slightly better, but I’m still not convinced it is viable.


That’s fair for sure… and same. Maybe someone that has faced her has some better input, like I said, just kind of thinking out loud since I’m also trying to decide if she’s any good… the realm bonus of mana drain could also make her a bit interesting as even if you kill to get specials going, she can create the need to find additional tiles, all of which can slow a match down. Personally I’m more interested in Sif out of the holy.

Im not sure what to make of Sif. It has been so long since 4* counterattack has been viable for me that I’m not sure if it was actually good at that level or if there just were not enough dispels (or aggressive enough meta to punish it, like the u.s. in high diamond) on both attack and defense to adequately combat it back then. She also has a weird attack- focused stat distribution that I think doesn’t help her much. If she traded that super high attack for durability she’d be a solid tank. Even then I’d be wishing her mana gain was a mana gain reduction on the opponent.

My suspicion is that she is good, but not as reliable as a fast sniper would be. Another good niche gadget yellow, but won’t drastically shift the meta

Sif is a 5* for starters :stuck_out_tongue:

But she is actually really really good in tank position… Probably #2 yellow tank to Guinevere/Costume Vivica (I have them tied :stuck_out_tongue:) , definitly leap-frogging Onatel.

The Damage Reduction gives her & neighbours a whole lot of survivability while the counter returns the “pre-reduction” amount of damage back at the attackers…

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I’m aware she’s a 5*, but riposte was only really viable defensively at the level where people were using 4* heavy teams, so maybe high gold. I wouldn’t think of Elena as viable in higher platinum, and most wouldn’t think of Obakan as particularly good either.

You really have Viv above Drake and Del? I’d put them at #2 and #3 yellow tanks, respectively, and cannot imagine her outperforming either of them at high level. Or Neith, tbh.

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Just costume Vivica :stuck_out_tongue: not normal one haha

Problem with most normal counter heroes is that they have to take full damage to be effective… Sif on the other hand takes half damage while returning the full quantity back

Sif (from beta testing and the feedback there) is a worthy tank… Not Guin level but definitely an alternative if you don’t get lucky with Guin/ drop many $$$ going for her.

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