🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

Hopefully we get confirmation on the “No HOTM” or if there will be some soon enough, i want to know if i can spend on this Atlantis xD


I would like an advice, with 3k of gems. Should I try on costumes, or keep it for S3? Any hints of the heroes that will appear in the beginning? If it’s worth it? I appreciate your advice

Beta Update

As @zephyr1 indicated, there have been some balance changes to Season 3 heroes and their realms. I’ve updated the top post.


  • Raven minion HP increased 10% -> 20%
  • Raven minion Attack increased 15% -> 20%
  • Minion attack buff increased 85% -> 120%
  • Healing minion HP removed

NOTE: she was changed again.

Realm effects

  • Alfheim and Niflheim realm effects changed from “full mana” condition to “low health” condition
  • Asgard realm effect: “small amount of mana” changed to 10/15/20% mana gained
  • Midgard, Muspelheim, Svartalfheim realms – effects are undispellable
  • Heroes revived in another form (i.e. Chameleon, Zombie) have no Realms.


So, will the new S3 portal replace Atlantis Portal … or we will continue to have both?

They’re separate, it won’t replace Atlantis.


Something that just popped into my head… are the “filler” (non-Season 3) heroes at the Season 3 portal all Season 1 heroes?

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They appear to be. Reminder that Summon rates are still not settled. :+1::wink:


FYI ^ Freya was literally just changed again


What is tha odds on this first portal can we have some info on this.

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Hopefully like the Atlantis Portal or even higher.

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what do you think of these changes? I feel like I’m probably biased but I still dont see her as a top hero

If you mean the S3 portal, SG has repeatedly said the current odds will change, so no current info yet.


will change? Not might change? That’s a pretty big distinction. If it’s will change, then are the odds similar to the current portals or very different?

Looks like she’s getting to a point where she’s a really solid support hero, but in these forums that will surely mean she’s worthless.

Wait… did they remove the attack up and minion heal? If the attack up, defense up and minions all stay, remove the minion heal and also give attack up to minions I could see some solid use.

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The actual words were “the odds are not final”. :wink:


Freya is almost fine. If it gave + 30% attack and + 30% defense, it would be great! Only minions and defense buffs will not make her an attractive heroine. I expect a little more from the Queen of the Vanir, one of Odin’s most powerful wives.


They should make FREYA a healer too. She could be exactly the way she is now plus “All allies regenerate 459 HP over 3 turns”

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Freya is such an iconic goddess from norse mythology. She shouldnt suck… I think everybody expect her to be one of the best season 3 heroes


Is there mention of the summoning odds in this topic? I didn’t see it in the OP… but… I have been up all night :open_mouth:

Edit: after skimming it seems as if it is currently unknown/not stated?

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