🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

I think there’s a misconception that P2w buys heroes. Some do of course but I’ll bet you’ll find a lot of spenders by mats or gems for chests and raiding mostly ( out of impatience and laziness). Loot tickets for sure.

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The problem with your example is:

Unleveled 3* will be matched with unleveled 3* or leveled 2* in the beginning. But will vanilla heroes be matched with vanilla heroes? No.

Also, as I have said, F2P can still compete with non costumed vanilla heroes. The exanple you give is from long time ago, I am talking about the future if power creep excalate greatly.

I forgot to say competing without gems.

Well, this trick didn’t worked anymore past April '19
Raid Tournaments Maintenance Break (2 Apr - 9 Apr)

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Starting from June, raid tournament is extended to 5 days which make it harder for luck to play its part.

Pssst, let’s avoid “you statements”. It’s very easy to respond strongly to an idea and deviate into a criticism of a person. Let’s keep our criticisms constructive, and focused on ideas, not people. Thanks y’all.


Yeah ok. Rainbows and butterflies all good now. Lol

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And the fact that top players can miss 1 or 2 top heroes and still be competitive at the top is a feature not a bug, and a feature that makes the game balanced.

When you end up having to have certain combinations (s3) heroes to compete, that’s when it is overpowered and not balanced. But I mean, I guess I don’t need to continue beating this dead horse because SG apparently agrees and already nerfed the realm bonuses.

I think the correct statement is they buy those things in addition to heroes, not instead of. Considering how you think most players easily have 20-30 maxed (useful) 5 star heroes… I think you might be shocked to hear that most players probably don’t have a single non-s1 5 star hero and of the rest, most have less than 5 non-s1 5 stars.

So yeah, if you have 10+ non-TC20 5 star heroes… you bought them. Or you have the devil’s luck.

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Really very good idea. Since the Realm Bonuses were greatly reduced and the family bonus eliminated, this implementation would make the bonus more useful, without flirting with the OP side of the force.


Beta Update

Small Giant Staff has indicated that the current round of testing is planned to close on Monday February 3rd. They’ll be releasing another round of testing later next week, including the first Season 3 provinces.

(no indication given on what locations or enemies those provinces will include)


wow, does beta usually come out so often like this? Or is this indicating that s3 might be coming out soon?

I can only speculate :stuck_out_tongue: but the sneak peek post did say:


Yeap here we are again. The top players worried that they have to do more work than just brag about the top. As stated in an earlier post, at some point things were gonna move up thus we have realm bonuses. These all seem very nice and super helpful for FTP/C2P who dont get the luxury of many HOTM with links. Also will allow them to combat some of the power of higher level players have 20 emblems heroes and +30 troops.

Being that they can easily reevaluate the current family bonuses after they see how these players out, it was simply a matter of time until they added more ways of fighting than the standard inhave this hero and you dont that’s been going around. Now actual subsets of skills will give players that prefer defensive style fighting tons of more options than just stack and hope. They dont go over 3 characters high and I think it’s a exciting change from what we got from season 2 honestly

I keep reading this here and there but F2P will likely not have any of these new heroes, C2P will have 2 or 3 at most and P2W will obviously still have some of the best defender available, be them already released heroes or the newer ones.

The truth is, many heroes are useful for every kind of player but F2P and C2P would hardly get any benefits from heroes that are stronger than core ones… just because they would be in the opponent’s team and not in their.

Now, this doesn’t mean that good heroes shouldn’t be released.


I have competed with any area of player since I stepped in diamond. The more new mechanic they add more I learn to counter which means new fun. Whether someone gets them or bot is irrelevant as everyone here knows the different ways of attaining heroes and none are garunteed. They have several different classes of players and they need to appeal to them all. In order for that the game will have to evolve as all games of this nature do. Everytime they introduce something new everyone starts screaming foul and OP before anything is realeased and somehow everytime someone mentions defensive maneuvers to counter said heroes that always get listed as it doesnt count. How are we supposed to.enjoy new content if everytime something new comes out you wanna compare it to old content???

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Sorry replying late to this, I must’ve missed it.

That’d be an improvement, I don’t know if she’d suddenly become really good or anything, but it’d be good to at least see some kind of improvement on Freya.

I do like fast mana with minion summoning + defense buff for all allies, and high tile damage.

But that’s it, the rest of her skill is just mediocre. The raven HP is low at 10%, healing minions is just plain useless outside of a very niche synergy with Red Hood (probably Telluria too), the minion attack buff is also just useless outside of a few specific synergies… and even then minion strikes are so weak even with the buff, that it’s just not worth it.

Not exaggerating – I think she is the worst 5* hero I’ve ever played with or against as she’s currently built. She needs a buff, badly.

Absolutely not true. As a example BETA testers seeing underwhelming HOTM and a S3 heroes (Malosi and Freya) are asking to empower them.

So maybe if many testers says that certain aspects are unbalanced it could even be true…


Man, you should really try not going off topic sometimes…

How is talking about heroes roles off topic? This is about beta players tske on season 3 heroes correct? And the realm bonuses of these heroes? And I said cool new idea and that just cause some people are not damage doesnt mean they are bad heroes and gave two comparisons. How much more on topic can I be???

Agreed and Agreed.

But can we also agree that having heroes so OP that they are a must have is also stupid, and that you can’t be competitive unless you use heroes X, Y and Z also makes meta stale and matches boring?

Like I keep mentioning, I am a hugely vocal supporter of not nerfing JF so much; heck maybe even not nerfing him at all.

But there comes a time when things get too OP. There is a balance. Going too far in any direction is not good.


Well, I guess that post don’t talk much about S3 heroes?
If you pisted it into a beta bashing thread it would have been on topic.

Also, you could open a thread about the anti-mono crusade and tag there the peoples eventually interested in it without posting it on every topic :man_shrugging:


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