🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

As I said, I only disagree with the notion that emblem implementation make DoT easier to be handled.

Emblem system make direct damage easier to be handled, but it change nothing about handling DoT.

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Save it Bobbi, believe it or not most players don’t spend large amounts of money to “ get every hero they want”. So, the premise that p2w can just do that is ridiculous ( maybe there is some that do- but trust me they get beat). Again, the day a player starts this game he’s behind/ less powerfull then 2 million players and will never be the most powerfull EVER. You will always play against people your own power level. So, these heroes your so afraid of… probably won’t affect you unless your like you say “in the small majority at the top”.

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Ok, your 100 percent correct about the mechanics of GMs dot. So, how about address who’s afraid of GM or any other character and why we can’t have more powerfull heroes ( or atleast admit we could handle more powerfull heroes without nerfing everyone )

S2 heroes didn’t make season 1 heroes obsolete. S3 won’t make S2 obsolete. If you are C2p F2p your not pulling for S2 and probably won’t be for S3… and your competing just fine now and you will be competing just fine in the future. Why, because you play against your power level. You didn’t win events before /now/ prob not in the future… who cares. It will not change anything- how do I know because it never has one new heroes are introduced.


P2W can handle power creep because they spend on the heroes, if SG create more powerful heroes, they can just buy it and become more powerful.

But F2P will still mostly get stuck in no-costume vanilla and as the new heroes become more and more powerful, the gap will widen to the point it will be unmanageable.

Really- game won in a few moves? Doesn’t help being so unrealistic. Rare events most competitive? Probably just because it’s pretty easy to level 3* and More can do it. Are they any fun- nope. Sure we finish them for the rewards ( it’s probably why most started leveling 3* - for the rewards) but are they as good as the 5* … not even close. The variety is there in 5*

Are F2p competing daily against P2w now? Only if they want to. So what makes you think F2p is going to say … be facing 30 war teams of GM S3 heroes or whatever in the future?its not a valid argument

It was a rant, but it’s certainly not far off from being realistic as the power levels of defenses have increased quite a bit already vs what they were and it’s harder for ftp and ctp to compete at these levels. You don’t get many moves vs a “meta” defense as is if you’re bringing 4 stars into battle and your call for stronger heroes would only hurt them more making it so they could never compete vs payers, but I have a feeling you’d be good with that.

Clarify for me -and I am serious- when is a player like you going up against “ meta” with 4*? Maybe in war if some powered player decides too drop down to “flex” on weaker alliances or if your trying to rank globally. It’s the only thing I can think of. And yes I am totally fine with more powerfull heroes because this game is designed that you fight your own power level. Always has been and always will be. So, I guess my question is realistically/ honestly has a p2w ever really stopped your progress in the game, name me a p2w that has affected you negatively in game?

Psst, no naming and shaming, but you can certainly point to a time you experienced this, name withheld. :wink:


Can I interject briefly and ask: what are you arguing about right now exactly?

The S3 heroes themselves aren’t nerfed, the realm bonuses were.

Also the post that Guvnor was backing up was to buff the realm bonuses too … Maybe I’m having a sleep deprived moment here but how did the conversation jump the other way?


If you were in a clan like mine, that’s more mixed with ftp and ctp, maybe you’d see it a bit differently. If you have some depth and you’ve been at the game as a ftp for a long time, you could have have 10, 15 maxed heroes or more (some of ours players do), but they are generally more classic heroes with a few solids thrown in… the game doesn’t care if the other guy has ursena, Gm and guin maxed vs your azlar, obakan, viv… the more and more powerful heroes come out as, the more disadvantaged players like that will get in war settings. Players that have been able to stay competitive for a long time because the creep wasn’t crazy. In a clan where most of the members are paying to get new heroes, they’ll surely all be fine and want the “challenge” of matching tiles. But obviously that’s your worry vs mine, and we’re both free to our perspectives.

(Oh and I use 4s all the time, rigard and Mel and bold, because they’re great healers with emblems at their speeds)


Do they give me the option to reroll if I meet P2W in raid tournament?

No they don’t. But your probably like everyone else including me. Usually tourneys give us harder and harder opponents if we keep winning. So, doesn’t matter P2w F2p c2p your going to face someone better and lose. We are all in same boat

Don’t know about S3 since they aren’t out yet, but S1 heroes have grown a lot paler after introduction of new heroes. Many which used to be revered 1-2 years ago are just considered good heroes these days

@Texas1970 disagree with the nerf.

Yes, it is a buff compared to post-nerf.

I don’t really know, I don’t even read the whole conversation. I only commented on emblem-DoT effect but then asked to give my opinion…

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I agree Sid S2 are better then S1 ( costumes help though). But, the way fights are set up the attacker has the advantage and that advantage is greater then the S2 over S1 advantage. So, it’s done all the time. C2p F2p will tell you this on other threads but seem to forget that when they talk about new heroes.

Of course P2W can navigate that better opponents easier than F2P. Otherwise, there is no point in becoming P2W.

Right now F2P can still compete with 5* vanilla (no costume) into top 1%. But if the power creep keep escaliting, it will easily throw them out of competition.

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No Yelnats you are wrong. I’m the guy who put in unleveled training heroes in the 3* tourneys to prove the point they were broken and they just put you up against teams your own power level. Did this the first 5-6 3* tourneys and finished top 5% or better ( not kidding). Posted the results and took pictures… got in a lot of trouble for that. So, I find it hard to believe there isn’t a single player that can’t finish top 5% with any team ( as long as your willing to pay the 75 gems. True story

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I get what you mean but in practice even some of those who spent thousands still missed out on GM due to gacha :man_shrugging:t2:


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