🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

Not sure how this applies to what I said…?

You also should know that while Beta Testers say “xyz is too powerful, we suggest this!” usually SGG don’t listen/ implement the suggested nerf but instead do their own thing…

Consequently when Beta Testers suggested that Neith was OP in original release, and suggested that she needed some balancing, SGG were the ones who actually decided and implemented the nerf.

It’s worth noting too that the preliminary feedback from Beta regarding the CHANGED Realm Bonus is that it is now probably a little too little…

As in it went a bit too far.

Suggestions have been put forward to:
a) leave the realm bonus as is & add back the Family Stack bonus (but at the same ratio as exists for S2 & Event Family Bonuses)
b) stagger the Realm Bonus itself (as per @bobiscool suggestion above) so that it becomes more powerful with additional unique realm heroes.

Again, its early days with this new Beta Build so feedback is still dribbling in as testers get time to test.


Are you not a Beta tester? I’m going off the idea you said you would suggest buddies idea. I’m suggesting these heroes coming out are not as powerfull as all these threads make them out to be. For example. GM is not as intimidating as he once was because emblemed heroes handle the dot easier. S3 heroes have to be stronger because six months from now they will be facing 18 tiered S2 heroes. ( and note: when emblems first came out it was said on the forumns it would take 2 years before we would see tier 20 defences- the emblem rate has increased and in 6 months only my d is all tier 18). Look, I appreciate all the people on here that do the “ mechanical math” but what they are not taking into consideration is the mechanics of the defense being maxed out on defense/offence. My maxed 5* are way different power level then my 18 tiered maxed 5*.

The Realm Bonuses have already been reduced…?

See here for the update… Also the Original Post has been edited by one of the Mods to reflect the new build.

The previous beta build was definitily over powered in teh S3 hero favour… You had Strong Hero Stats AND strong hero specials AND Class Bonus AND strong Realm Effects AND very strong Family Bonus (stacks) all together on one hero… Was just wayyyyyyy too much compared to the older heroes…

Not sure what you’re getting at with the bit about the emblems… S3 heroes were eligible for the same emblems… So if they were strong already with all those bonuses then got a +18 on top of that… well…


May I ask. When you “test” these heroes are they being realistic and fighting fully emblemed S2 heroes? See, I think a lot of the good players on here “Buffalo” the masses into Nerfing everything so they don’t have to worry about it. I’m tired of getting sub par heroes.


May I ask, is there any point where you’d consider a hero to be OP, or do you think no matter how strong new heroes are, it’s fine because you can afford it?

For the record, I am a hugely vocal supporter of buffing up JF; I wrote dozens of long posts explaining why it’s better to err on the side of slightly OP than having another mediocre hero. My post history is proof. In case you somehow seem to think I’m one of those people who " “Buffalo” the masses into Nerfing everything so they don’t have to worry about it."


They get tested against everything…

On offence they get used to face whatever raid defences get set up… Some are the same as in live version of the game (i.e. real game) and others are set up specifically with the new Beta Testing heroes.

Get used against titans, in map farming etc…

I think that you are a bit one-eyed in your approach here… Just as much so as you’re insinuating about Beta Testers…

What I personally (and from what I can tell the majority of other beta testers) advocate for is balance… When a build is released which is too strong COMPARED TO EXISTING HEROES, a nerf is suggested. Similarly, when a build is released with is to weak compared to existing heroes, a buff is suggested.

Like I said before, the exact degree of this buff/nerf is not determined by Beta Testers… That is Solely in the control of SGG & their developpers. beta Testers can only make suggestions…

So the most commonly touted one is how Beta Testers ruined Neith… WRONG.
Beta testers said that the original build had too much happening when you factored in everything in her special skill, all at Average mana speed. Comparisons were made to Justice (240% AOE with blind at slow) and Guin/Drake combo.
The suggestion was made to alter her slightly to bring her back into balance with existing heroes… SGG decided what that looked like & hence the end product.

It’s also worth noting that for Neith, when she returned to Beta post changes, the feedback from testers was unanimously that the nerf went too far at average speed… Suggestions were made by all to either increase her speed or give some of the direct damage back… but ultimately SGG released her as is with no further changes…


So in summary:

  1. Beta testers test the heroes provided in all available situations (raids vs new heroes, raids vs old heroes, titans, farming, events etc… (when available))
  2. Beta testers make SUGGESTIONS
  3. SGG make the DECISIONS

So yeah, I would ask that Beta Testers stop getting blamed for all the “underwhelming heroes” as they are not responsible for the final product… thats entirely SGG who decide which feedback to implement and the extent of that feedback… All testers can do is advise…


Actually, emblem give more benefit on DoT than direct damage.

HP emblem increase enemy survivability lineary which affect both direct damage and DoT. (No advantage between direct or DoT)

Attack emblem increase direct damage exponentally but only increase DoT damage lineary. (Advantage for direct damage)

Defense emblem cut direct damage exponentially but do not cut DoT. (Big advantage for DoT)

Both direct damage and DoT got the same effect from enemy HP emblem. However, while the exponential direct damage increase from attack emblem is countered exponentially by opponent’s defense emblem, DoT linear increase is not countered by defense.

Guvnor, you will not find one comment from me on here “blaming beta testers”. I simply am suggesting that these nerfs are going to far and “most players” ( not saying specifically beta testers) do not take into consideration all the factors. Example- GM is not the overwhelming “beast” he’s made out to be. Emblems - are not 2 years away from tier 20 … they were 8 months. I just read in a thread above they have changed the bonuses- now they are too weak etc. Trust me, most top players are not afraid of taking out better heroes- it will be done. I will suggest that threads have 1000s of comments before heroes are released and it’s all conjecture- quit nerfing heroes- the new ones need more power or it’ll just be the same bs forever

And buddy, find me one player in a top 100 alliance that “actually fears” GM. They don’t. I’ll find you1000 comments on here though that say he is OP

Anchor and other 7DD alliance members give Gravemaker A+ rank, they are not only from top 100 but top 10 alliance.

No one is asking for a GM nerf either. So do you think all future heroes should be so OP that even top players who spend $10000s can’t beat with their current teams?

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Bug: I killed X and everyone’s pants came down. How come they have no pants?

Solution: Oh it’s the realm of no pants dw


It was a general comment directed at everyone rather than you specifically.

This is exactly what I’m saying… Beta Testers don’t do the nerfs… They have no control over the degree of nerf (or buff) that gets applied between releases… Only can advise based on their experience testing the heroes in all situations…

So I would argue that they do take into consideration all the factors… As I said, the heroes get tested everywhere against everyone available with all combinations of emblems, no emblems, family bonuses etc…


Yep he’s an A+ rating. Again, ask Anchor or find me 1 player in a top 100 alliance that fears GM … there isn’t.

Oh I am sure there has been some people that spend 10000 lol. But, it’s another falacy… most don’t spend anything close to that.

No ones asking for a GM nerf? They aren’t now but I’m sure I can find you all kinds of threads when they were. It’ll be the same if they release a hero that “has more power”. He will be beat. The sky isn’t fallen every month, the game isn’t going to be unbalanced…

What I am talking is that DoT got more benefit than direct damage in talent system. Whether top player afraid of GM is irrelevent as most have plenty strong heroes (what hero are they afraid of?), what is relevant is that GM is still premier hero even after emblem implementation.

@Texas1970 just to be clear, I am not talking to you about OP or not OP, I merely disagree with this notion:

Attack increase direct damage exponentially but is also countered by defense exponentially, furthermore it got countered by HP lineary, so emblemed heroes handle direct damage easier.

Meanwhile attack increase DoT lineary but defense do not effect DoT, only HP counter DoT lineary too, so in full-emblem system, hero handle DoT similiar to how they handle it in no-emblem system.

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I only started this game in Jan 2019. I don’t know how the game was like before GM came along. But I’m sure that before that time, there were other heroes that were considered top heroes that the top players used.

Now with GM, Ursena, Kingston, Finley etc, those old “top” heroes are no longer top; they are no longer competitive because of these new heroes.

That’s fine, because it took a long time to get there.

There’s a huge difference between gradual releases and a sudden influx of heroes that completely break the game.

To p2w players like you, it makes no real difference because you can just pull any hero you like anyway.

But what about all those f2p and c2p players who, after working hard and saving up for 2 years finally have a competitive bench? All of their heroes are now suddenly obsolete, and they are no longer able to compete because of all these new heroes. What do you think that’s going to do to them?

p2w players are always the minority. Without the support of the masses, the game will die. And p2w players like yourself will have no one left to play with.

A slow increase is acceptable and perfectly reasonable. Suddenly completely changing the game and making old heroes irrelevant is not.


I use GM as an example- cause arguably he’s the most OP in the game. But, we just went through a bunch of threads where this new Feb. HOTM would be “more powerfull” so they nerfed him ( like the past bunch of times). My point is- if no one is afraid of GM does it not stand to reason we could take on a few more powerfull heroes and manage? You just read the same scenario play out about the. NEw S3 heroes… they already nerfed them lol. Somethings broken and it’s not OP heroes that they want to release


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