🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

You must be new here. :slight_smile:

I would have liked 10 free roster slots more than gems, tbh, but that’s just where I’m at in the game (something everyone should remember to take into account when they post). There was a time when I would have wanted gems and considered roster slots to be a wasted gift.

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It’s almost like nobody is paying attention to how the game actually plays…

But with consequence 80% accuracy, means it can be zero damage to all opponent, a new gamble red hero.

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I bought roster slots this morning. I hear you! :wink:

Hi there!

I have a question about Asgard realm.

For the moment there is only Heimdall, but can somebody tell me if there is more heroes coming for Asgard?
Is there something about it in beta?

I think the mana bonus is very interresting, even more when you know That Heimdall can resurect those Who fall in combat :sunglasses:

Yes there will be

No there are currently not any; latest #beta-beat is here (V28)


OK Just have to wait then :+1:

Thanks for the answer and congrats to you Guvnor :wink:


any guess when Nors will be avalaible for summon?

and add Loki and Jörmungand. let the Ragnarok begin

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I rec’d all 5 3* s and am wondering if all 5 are worth maxing? I know Bjorn is and Kvasir, but what about By-Ulf, Ei-Dun and Nordri? I’d like to use them as a team if possible. :thinking: Any thoughts on synergies?

They’re all worth maxing for different reasons. Not particularly to be used together though.

Nordri’s ability is unique. He’s a must-have if you’re going to try to get 4* mats by competing in challenge events (in the Rare and Epic tiers, at least).

Ei-Dunn is the best red 3* three-hitter, and therefore also valuable in the rare tier of challenge events.

By-Ulf is a good tank in the 3* raid tournaments, especially the no-red buff booster version we had last week.

Do you really think he will pass guardian falcon in epic? I sort of doubt that but curious how you see it.

I’m leveling mine up specifically for rare.

I think the argument could be made cause of the high attack damage that you can get from running multiple Grimm & Kiril

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Can’t understand why you guys american cersion of small giant- can’t make very slow heroes Alfrike- imba style. Her first description was awesome. Now, now she is like Mok Arr, and not necessary to use, just fill your team with very fast and slow heroes- and all be done


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Zinga bought this game, when it gave 60million dollars a year, now it bring 650 million dollars a year,

You can read the initial news report of the purchase and who would be running Small Giant.

It was my understanding that Zynga was letting Small Giant run themselves at least until the purchase was complete (which won’t be for several years); I refer you back to the article.

Zynga buying 80% of SGG - STAFF RESPONSE POST 27 & 111


I suppose no Alfrike or Fura next Valhalla? :cry:

If not, it will be very boring third season

I answered to the question at previous, bit my mind was about Alfrike. Very slow heroes must be Imbahs!!

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