🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

Beta Update

There have been more balance changes this morning:


  • Damage per cube increased from 100% :arrow_right: 200%


  • Attack Stack increased: +5% :arrow_right: +10%

It’s definitely better than 100% but I don’t know why it even needed to be changed in the first place after it’s first nerf. The first iteration in the 300s was a bit too strong and I guess I was fine with 235%, but even at 200% it seems too low.

Edit: Disregard all this, I accidentally mixed up his stats. DaveCozy below has the correct info!

That’s the HP reduction you’re thinking of. Her damage prior to yesterday was 285% for each of the 5 hits.

Now it’s 200% for each of the 5 hits. Definitely better than 100% for each of the 5 hits – still lower though than the original 285%.

I actually ended up leaving feedback yesterday, it didn’t take long for me to see how underpowered she was yesterday at 100% per hit.

To make my point that Alfrike needed a buff, I referred to Alfrike’s closest comparison – Emma from Puzzle Combat (another game by Small Giant).

I didn’t feel that a nerf on her damage was needed to begin with, but now that it’s at 200%, I would not be sour if she was released like this. Definitely a more acceptable nerf than the previous one – seeing the side-by-side comparison to another hero from a very similar game also helps to show that this current iteration will still be acceptable.


Oh whoops! I was getting my ability stats on Alfrike mixed up, thank you for correcting that! Also, thanks for the comparison, that is interesting to see.


Also, I am very happy with the buff from 5% to 10% with Mire! She may not be A+ tier in raids (she doesn’t have to be, I think she’s solidly built as is), but I feel like she is going to be a blessing to have going through map stages now.


Just curious from a beta tester perspective and reviewing recent changes to multiple heroes

But does there appear to be some method to the madness as far as what numbers SGG gives to certain heroes (200% damage, 300% damage, 285%, 210%…etc.)?

Or does it just seem like there’s a dartboard with an assortment of numbers on it to throw darts at…then someone spilled coffee on @Petri 's foot when it was his turn to throw for the next hero and so he yelped in pain and threw his dart hitting @ScottySG who in turn threw his arms up in pain, knocking down said dart board which rolled to @KiraSG who instinctively kicked the board away from her toward the break room pool table where @Sara said “wtf is this doing here?” and threw the dartboard with numbers in the trash and made a rigged algorithm which auto-generated a non decimal number between 100 - 600 and stuck it on a hero.


Can confirm based on leaked documents and emails from a super secret anonymous source who is deep in the enemy Zynga HQ


Hahaha I am now imagining an overly complicated Rube Goldberg machine that goes on for over an hour and at the end just results in one of those darts landing at a random value on their dartboard :joy::joy:


I think that the original version of Alfrike was well, being very slow mana. Yesterday’s version and the current one could well appear as average mana. Or, at most, slow mana.

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So maybe 235% damage?


People complain about RNG , summoning odds and a variety of stupid stuff but nothing gets me more irritated then the constant nerfs of these heroes. Screw it, I think I’ll go on every new hero thread and just spam bs til they actually don’t nerf a hero.


I’m not surprised, you already go on every thread to spam bs and be rude.


Lol. Right on FroggyRay.

I know I’m probably being picky, but has the Norns named been changed or was it a typo?

I’ve seen the character advertised as Norns:

But the latest sneak peek says, Norms? Pretty sure Norns was the correct word in Norse myth.


Maybe we should notify @Petri

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And then he will change it to Norrns.


I’ve notified staff about the error. They’ll likely correct it tomorrow :slight_smile:



Norns artwork is pretty amazing


I picture a bunch of middle-age fat guys stepping into battle with a beer in each hand and as soon as they get in front, their entire ranks shouts out, “NORMS!!!”


Do those middle-aged fat guys all look like George Wendt?

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