🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

S3 its knocking in the door :grin:.

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I wish we knew if Season 3 will have old HOTM just like Season 2 does… i really wish to get another chance at Hel xD

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To answer your question, it’s not been outright confirmed by SGG but:

  • Beta map only released the first couple of stages. After completing them it brings up the “next stage in xyz” timer (same as S2). This hints that the map will be released in stages.

  • Post by SGG staff HERE and HERE that S3 will have an event (of sorts) which is taking over the old Atlantis Rises slot each month

  • Monthly portal was very successful and popular with S2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

So from those three pieces of information I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that it is only going to be open for a couple days at the end of each month, taking over the old AR timeslot.

(Note: AR is moving to the first Friday of each month)


Beta Update

Season 3 Beta 4 is now closed.

Another round of Beta is planned shortly, aiming for as early as later today.


Nice! My feeling is that Season 3 will drop this month. The evidence is all starting to lean that way. Yay! Hope it does!


Beta Update

Beta has reopened, with balance changes and additional Season 3 content.

@DaveCozy will be updating the information on the Season 3 Heroes accordingly.

The Valhalla Summon Portal has also entered Beta for the first time.

We’ve been explicitly told that the Appearance Rates currently shown are not final, so while I will publish them for comparison to the final numbers later, I’m going to delay doing so now to avoid spreading information that we know to be wrong.

What I will say for the moment is that the current Valhalla Portal features a subset of the Season 3 Heroes that have been in Beta, so it appears they’ll be released over time, like in Season 2.

There’s also currently only one Featured Hero, and no returning HOTM.

Costs for Summoning are currently set the same as Atlantis, and there’s a Bonus Chest just like Atlantis too.



Ok I think the new realm bonuses are well within the realm ( hehe ) of the acceptable right now. Good that the family bonus was dropped.

Positive change imo…

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I don’t think they’ve updated yet…

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Hopefully we get confirmation on the “No HOTM” or if there will be some soon enough, i want to know if i can spend on this Atlantis xD


I would like an advice, with 3k of gems. Should I try on costumes, or keep it for S3? Any hints of the heroes that will appear in the beginning? If it’s worth it? I appreciate your advice

Beta Update

As @zephyr1 indicated, there have been some balance changes to Season 3 heroes and their realms. I’ve updated the top post.


  • Raven minion HP increased 10% -> 20%
  • Raven minion Attack increased 15% -> 20%
  • Minion attack buff increased 85% -> 120%
  • Healing minion HP removed

NOTE: she was changed again.

Realm effects

  • Alfheim and Niflheim realm effects changed from “full mana” condition to “low health” condition
  • Asgard realm effect: “small amount of mana” changed to 10/15/20% mana gained
  • Midgard, Muspelheim, Svartalfheim realms – effects are undispellable
  • Heroes revived in another form (i.e. Chameleon, Zombie) have no Realms.


So, will the new S3 portal replace Atlantis Portal … or we will continue to have both?

They’re separate, it won’t replace Atlantis.


Something that just popped into my head… are the “filler” (non-Season 3) heroes at the Season 3 portal all Season 1 heroes?

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They appear to be. Reminder that Summon rates are still not settled. :+1::wink:


FYI ^ Freya was literally just changed again


What is tha odds on this first portal can we have some info on this.

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Hopefully like the Atlantis Portal or even higher.

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what do you think of these changes? I feel like I’m probably biased but I still dont see her as a top hero

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