🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V26 & V27]

How is talking about heroes roles off topic? This is about beta players tske on season 3 heroes correct? And the realm bonuses of these heroes? And I said cool new idea and that just cause some people are not damage doesnt mean they are bad heroes and gave two comparisons. How much more on topic can I be???

Agreed and Agreed.

But can we also agree that having heroes so OP that they are a must have is also stupid, and that you can’t be competitive unless you use heroes X, Y and Z also makes meta stale and matches boring?

Like I keep mentioning, I am a hugely vocal supporter of not nerfing JF so much; heck maybe even not nerfing him at all.

But there comes a time when things get too OP. There is a balance. Going too far in any direction is not good.


Well, I guess that post don’t talk much about S3 heroes?
If you pisted it into a beta bashing thread it would have been on topic.

Also, you could open a thread about the anti-mono crusade and tag there the peoples eventually interested in it without posting it on every topic :man_shrugging:


Maybe you should have read the ones above it maybe, not sure what point you are attempting to make when I stated clearly on topic that the mechanics going into the realms was very interesting and could have been expanded into the existing heroes we have in some pretty inventive ways, a good post to go to regarding this topic would be one made about the best HOTM for year 2019. There each person gave reasons who they liked, why they liked these said heroes and gave a numerical order. If the beta guys gave a lite more information as to what they are running, whether they used said hero on offense and defense. Synergies with other heros they have found. More information than I liked this skill but not the damage. The vagueness given as to how this bonuses interact doesnt give people not in beta much to form a helpful opinion on and hearing over and over things getting nerfed before they are even released or seen but for a few people is a trend many are not becoming fond of. Join some line groups where there is actually in depth conversation not just on heroes but what is felt by beta grades. I’m in one of the top line groups and conversations there go nothing like here on the forum. Hope that was topic enough for you.

If 99% said that the pre-nerf realm bonus was OP, doesn’t that also include offensive/defensive/mono/non-mono players?

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Please keep conversation on topic. This is a thread on the upcoming s3 heroes. There are other threads on beta testers. Further posting on beta testers is off topic.


Fully gree with you but there cant be a warcry everytime someone tries to change something or we are stuck In the same cycle then where do we go from there?

His post clearly says there was very little feedback so how does that relay to 99%

Not 99% but 100% of feedback.

Look around the forum, check the line groups, look at heroes+troops+emblems+alliance organization

The top players typically do more than just brag about being at the top, it’s how they got there and stay there…

I talk to top players everyday. There are 330k alliances in this game, using just that info the top 3k alliances would be all the top players in the game. So yeah i talk to them and hear what they have being saying in line and more and very few have them have used the words nerf about anything other than they are tired of it.

Already wasting too much of my time on this conversation…

Good I very rarely care anyway lol

Why would they need nerf? They can get the heroes. It will obviously make them tired constatly chasing those heroes.

F2P have more tendency to ask for nerf, because they have low chance of acquiring it. Therefore they are more suspectible to become victim of OP heroes.

That mean I am a top player? My alliance is top 1.5k… some of the member do not even understand the basic…

Yes that means you are a top player. Now let that sink in. Look at your spending habits’ look at where your group sits’ and sit down and ask yourself have you guys not whether every hero from then to now.

And you said it right in one phrase. Why does everything have to be nerfed based on a FTP players chance of recieving something. So reatersunts can only sell steaks of a certain size because a group of people xant afford bigger??? That just doesnt make sense in any form of business to follow this logic.

In my alliance, there are 2 P2W, 26 C2P, 2 F2P (me and my brother).

Maintaining the gap is key to sustainability. No gap is unrealistic, a gap that is too big will make players tired and give up entirely.

We have zero p2w most c2p and a few FTP and we are around same level you are so just like you guys we see the benefits and the negatives but the thing people seems to forget is the more heroes your alliance gets as a whole.the better you all do from titans to wars. Everyone has a spot to fight per roster as soon as they shed the fear of certain heroes. Once you know what you can handle you know when to go for it in wars and when to go for clean ups.

I have no problems about OP hero in war, I have said before that in war, I can pick which base I want to attack.

I’m sorry, but all your base are belong to us


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