🧪 Early Information on Round 8 of Season 5 Heroes - Meresankh [Part of The Beta Beat v56]

Just an improved version of Neith now given higher stats and better passive?

  • Meresankh: 130% base, up to 250%, 20% mana cut and -14% mana gen
  • Neith: 200% base, 20% mana cut and -35% accuracy
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I think Neith is better by comparison.


Did you account for Meresankh passive dmg?

You know, passive is not a guranteed damage.

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Having Neith myself, the thing is her stats are way too weak to current state of game. Sure maxing a LB will help a bit, for a while maybe. But ask yourself if its work to LB any hero, which is almost outdated today…

The damage isn’t the point of Neith. Her secondary and third effects are what make her deadly, even though they are at odds with each other.


sinxe V56 beta has ended, will this hero be released for S5 this week?

No, the update will be forced only after Season 5 ends.

So Anubis will be the featured new hero.


Nothing really deadly about her since she’s understatted and easy to kill. That’s why this one has much more of a chance to be used over Neith.

-14% mana generation, she might as well don’t have mana slow at this point. That’s 1 tile she’s gonna stop? It’s such an awkward value as well

You jinxed it with your comment

It was quite obvious that the 30% will be reduced to 20%. Zynga tried with Guin. Got nerfed to 20%.

Same same here.

No idea why Zynga still tries to push that 30% mana reduction for any hero.

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That was old gen when 20% mana cut was a big deal and made an impact. 20% mana cut is nothing in today’s raid scene.

Zynga seems to be trying to minimise nerfs post release these days. They nerf in beta, get that tested. Then decide on the final version for live game.

This approach is more prudent. Minimise outcry over post- release nerf and gives them leeway to buff some to make portal profitable.

It’s win-win from Zynga perspective.

Players do not influence Zynga policies much beyond being needed to provide revenue.


I think they nerfed her too much. -14 mana regeneration and for only 3 turns seems ridiculous for average with only the possibility for 250% damage to all. I understand decreasing the 30% mana reduction to 20%. Idk, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised.

Latest version seems balanced…. wherein the hero provides damage & supports the allies to complete the job.

  • Stats as per Season-5 is good enough advantage.

This allows room for counter-measure which is what helps play this game.

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I liked her better beforehand but she still sounds like a good all around hero

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If I were SG, I would make this character simpler and more straight forward.

  • Deals 220% damage to all enemies.
  • Reduces the mana of all enemies by 30%.

That’s it. The idea is to that if a fast/avg hero loses 3 out of 10 tiles of mana, that hero can regain the lost mana by find another match-3.

These days SG has a tendency to go overly complicated. I hate hero who does a bit of everything but does nothing great.

If you look at S5 heroes, the popular ones are all straight forward ones: Bastet, Hathor, Sobek, Khufu, El Nadahha etc. When the SS gets too complicated, the character becomes niche in their uses or even useless in some cases, like Set, Anubis, Eset etc.

Same for S3 and S4 heroes.

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MAybe something like this:

    • hits all enemies with random strength: 500%, 400%, 300%, 200%, 100%. If there are fewer enemies, it hits with the greatest force to the least
    • reduces mana inversely to attack power by 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%

you called it lmao right on point