🧪 Early Information on ROUND 5 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v44]

Off topic but it’s working as intended.
Me shooted 3 free pulls in costume event, for the account me didn’t updated yet and me got a 5* featured one for my 3rd free pull. :rofl:.

And for other me did around 30 pulls for the one me updated last upgrade and me got nada. :joy:.

Yessss, it’s intended. From the beginning to till the time. From troop upgrades to costume pulls.

Ask any eligible old E&P players. It works as intended. :joy:.

Last note on this reply. Ask your favorite YouTuber for their off camera pulls. :rofl:.
Tkcre everyone. It’s always works as intended. :rofl::joy:.

Got any new Season 4 4*?

No new 4 star heroes :frowning:


I thought the same thing. :rofl:

I wonder how Kravekrush’ skill works in practice. If it is a status ailment and can be blocked by withstand talent or immunity to status ailments?

Moreover, if his skill will work on fighters revive? It seems from the description that it’s not, since this revival it’s neither revive from an ally nor a status effect (instead of e.g. Tyr or Atomos revival).

They should put dispel!!!
We want Red *5 dispel tho… We never have one…
Will we ever have one?

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Yes, it would be good to have one.
I am not sure.
Maybe there will be some Season 5 hero with this ability.
They should arrive to Beta in December (maybe two of them are already released to the game [Gargoyles]) unless SG changes their earlier announcement schedule in Sneak Peek 2021…

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I don’t see any reason to waste a hero’s space on the team to avoid a “possible resurrection” for when the opponent brings a resurrected hero, being able to take Joon there and hit him twice.
I have the impression that the ideas are finished.

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Just think on rush wars/tournaments nearly every lineup has a mother north in it which revives nearly every time. The effect is more than nice. Just think on how often you were killed by a revived alfrike in rush…
Also the fighter talent should not work any longer if I read it correctly.

Also the Damage is quite impressive “Deals 405% damage to the target and minor damage to the nearby enemies” which means about 810% damage if you take it together

Or, bring Guardian Chameleon. Then you don’t need a red dispeller because your enemy will be blue.

Don’t get what you said.

The thing is we all need a Dispeller and Cleanse at least one in Every colors.
And so far, we don’t have Red dispeller in 5 or even 4 stars Hero. Or even in any 3/2/1 star.

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I’m assuming it is, but… can Kravecrush be blocked by Garnet/Vanda?

Yes, Garnet/Vanda should block these status ailments.

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And in any case, how many players actually HAVE Guardian Chameleon?

After the first Soul Exchange everyone with 10 spare heroes can have it.
Unless Staff changes the listed heroes or the required hero count.

Anyway even if you change the enemy element you still not have a red dispeller hero…

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ah I forgot about Soul Exchange, thanks :slight_smile: but indeed, it’s still not a Red that dispels :stuck_out_tongue:

We can just hope it will arrive with any of the new upcoming events (War of the 3 Kingdoms, Season 5, new challenge events…)

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It’s an option for some. I heard tell that there are people out there who don’t want him, how weird is that?

Both heroes are released.
You can continue the discussion about them in their topics.