🧪 Early Information on ROUND 5 (Halloween Event Hero) Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

they dont allow to share images but if you google you may find them

btw, if my coment break some rule, please delete it, moderator

Morlovia Hero nr1. Victor one of the first heroes that was very fast.

He has seen it all except for a boost.
He has pretty high attack but as a sniper 211% doesnt hit much on the powertanks that is standard this days. Lets give him a jump in that 211% to a 300% like malosi.


Won’t happen, his costume is ready (and its prerty good) for this year so I wouldn’t expect normal version being buffed.


Actually his costume it’s not so good as everyone thinks, lack of power in his direct damage, his defense it’s small so he dies easy, even the emblems it’s not helping him allot, and to not forget and the TP, he have smaller TP even then a s1 costumes.

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Hit 3, def down 3, steal HP 3, dot for 3, what else do you want from very fast hero? :slight_smile:


Dang skippy. I’m hoping to see the Vampire King in my Halloween summons, for sure.


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