🧪 Early Information on ROUND 5 (Halloween Event Hero) Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

Are these costumes really necessary? I mean we summond last year for the new heroes and have to do it again for costumes? Thats just money making. Instead of setting the powerlevel higher and higher they should focus on game balance but what do players know…


Do you feel the same way about maxing a season one hero and a costume coming out? Maybe I’m just an optimist, I have maxed Frank and don’t feel slighted in the least he’ll have a costume. But if I get his costume, I’ll be happy as hell that I don’t have to max both hero AND costume.

To each their own.


Yeah, I’ve got Vanda and if I get her costume I’ll just level that on top, no problem. Also have Frank but have only just started levelling him now - same deal. Apart from that I only have Jack so would be humbly grateful for any of the others.

I’m with you. The joy I felt when I got Francine, Rana etc. Before has been replaced by resignation. Costumes for these heroes, with low odds to get them, oh well.

I’m not angry, but I’m also not excited anymore.


No because season 1 without costume is available from TC, no need for summoning. Season 1 costume is practically new non-TC heroes.

This non-S1 costume… summon earlier = no costume… summon later = extra costume… those who invest early on its 5* seems to be tricked.


Just remembered I also have Vlad, who I got two years ago, but you know… easily forgotten. Poor Vlad.


SGG is adding Halloween 5* to HA10. You can try that route. Good luck.

Question on that. Will Halloween heroes be added in when everyone has the update, or when the Halloween 2021 event goes live?

Based on what we have seen for Sand Empire.
I think they will be available in HA once the Halloween event goes live.


Another EHT from my Mythic Titan loot today. Up to 34 - which is a lot for me as FTP. Man, I’m hoping to score some scary heroes with costumes during this event! :crossed_fingers: Never pulled for Halloween before.


As per release notes:

  • Legendary Halloween heroes and their costumes added to Hero Academy. This feature will be enabled only after all players have updated to this version

so it’s before the event which will probably start around middle of October.

Fingers crossed you get some. Been stocking up to as last year’s pulls left me empty handed.


We will see… I would be happy to be wrong :slight_smile:


The difference is if you pull one of the sand event heroes from the HA, it doesn’t come with the costume

I’m not sure what you wrote but I agree 100%

The costume will come too, if you are extreemely lucky.

If the hero you got from HA10 have costume you have a chance to and the costume, so if you get a sand hero you have a chance to get costume and for them.

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It does have 5% chance to get the costume (if the hero has costume available), like Rana and Yunan,…
Here are some example…


I was going to write that I can understand how raistlin76 read the release note.

However, I believe it has been poorly written by SG. In other words, one can easily get the impression that as soon as the update is forced, everyone has the chance to get Vanda/Francine/Victor and their costume from HA10.

Why would they include the chance early (that is, before the Halloween summoning portal opens). I wouldn’t think that they’d ever do that, nor would I expect them to. :slightly_smiling_face:


They got pictures out of them yet?

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