🧪 Early Information on ROUND 5 (Halloween Event Hero) Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

Victor is really nice upgrade.

Damage to three, vampirism to three, dot to three, def down to three


if you emblem victor the initial DOT will already be higher then 225, but you add 305 each time you reset the skill til the max of 835.

Agree, all that to single one vs to three is a big difference, and makes him more reliable to be used on defense. Plus defense down is one of best debuffs so even at -24% at VF it will make difference. I have Victor at +18 so his costume would be very welcome. Ditto for Vanda. Francine I don’t have at all so she would be doubly useful.


francine will be great for those who dont have fogg or evelyn

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I’m just hoping to get Vanda. Need to update my red roster and since I have yet to get an ailment shielder, she would be a perfect addition to my team


On this subject, Will the Halloween event be 28 days, like the spring and summer events earlier this year?

Seriously? Costumes for heroes that have been in the game for only a year (once Halloween event starts again) and then exclude the original 4* Valeria and 3* Vlad, which are absolutely garbage heroes both.


I’m guessing Sand Empires didn’t do as well as they wanted. Thus instead of 2x 5* costumes only, every 5*, and even a 4* is getting a costume for Halloween. :rofl:


And a third set of Costume Bonus % too. :rofl:


Yeah, those costumes just weren’t good enough and the base heroes aren’t the best either (including Roc, who didn’t get a costume). I’m saving all coins for Xmas and the MN and Krampus costumes.


I got Yunan Costume, and I find him very good. Not amazing, but still useable*.

I have a high level mana troop for him, and my green 5* is also my weakest colour (so almost anything new is great). :sweat_smile:

*I prefer it like this. I am mindful of other players who summoned Rana and Yunan without costume in previous years.


He also has probably one of the best tank stats in game!

Defense over 800, HP over 1500,… :slight_smile:

His only downside is slow+ costume bonus, everything else is basically best

New costumes for Halloween heroes? Some of which are only coming up to a year old? That’s a bit… egregious, yet half expected. Ah well, will try my hand at getting these!

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In my limited testing as war tank (excluding very fast wars), Yunan Costume is too slow.

Back on topic, unpleasantly surprised to see so many costumes for Halloween. I guess I’ll wait and see how my summons go?


We are not testing the Calendar in Beta, but it is highly likely that it will be 28 days long.


hate theses costumes , already have all these heroes and would need to summon again to get their costumes… nice scam, easy money for SG with their costumes


I’m not a fan of costumes for non-S1 heroes.

Like Sand Empires, I’ll summon during Halloween using saved EHTs only.


Will this be featured in HA once it’s released??

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When the Summer Hero costumes are released in the portal, then they were added to HA10 too maybe after a short time (1-2 week).
I am expecting the same.

Of course this is applies to only the Legendary costumes.

Frank’s costume will be only available in the Halloween portal.


So do you think you should just get a costume because you already have the hero?

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