🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v43]

I swear exeera’s only existence is to make Reuben viable as it’s counter


More like a 5* Costumed Dawa

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Guitar Hero Kiril, Jott, Alexandrine, Nordri, and Mitsuko look on…

Exeera: “Oh…crap. Help…”

Zakeena is holy and he is dealing extra damage against dark!

Deals 450% damage to a random different enemy.

So if there is only one… i.e titan… will both hits land on same?

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Yes, I have tested him on a titan, and he dealt damage twice to it.


Has there been any info about whether S4 will have any more 3 and 4 star heroes released? Having five each seems a little sparse for a full season event. Thanks.

Ohhh! Interesting new S4 heroes! :eyes: Can’t say I’d ‘really want them’, maybe the holy one for titan hits, but good luck to all trying to get them nonetheless!

Is it me or she is just weaker than Vela? At least Vela give damage to all and Atk % down

Im really surprised that nobody mentions this. We have a new Mok Ar but now in Blue.
If this hero skill remains as it is we are talking about the worst hero ever hands down.


Do oyu also read, that dmg for fire is uncleasable?
That means any fire tank is in trouble.

On defense, you can go green tank, flanked by this Hero and you can be absolutely sure, they wont bring red to your green tank which means extra survival.

No hero is that much punishing on defense for one colour than her (besides Ursena).

I don’t think that’s what makes mok arr so bad. I’ve always found the self damage to be the biggest downside.

Far from the worst hero (see shale)

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Mok arr deals extra damage to holy, and even then he’s widely considered as crap back then

True, but Mok Arr, also did dmg to allies and his defense was non existent :slight_smile:
On offense, he was/is still usefull

But the worst Season 4 Hero.
Vela has more impact than her in Offense
Vela is fast and atk down to all and also give initial damage.

And this Hero only give dpt… And average. And i i even think Lady Locke’s dpt (damage per turn) is higher than this Hero and Lady Locke give cleanse to all.

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Isnt Lady Locke for 3?

She is for all.

I would argue that Nemo and Russula are comparable in strenght or slightly weaker for offense, and for defense she is a beast, where those two arent :slight_smile:

Yes but i guess her DPT is quite high

I strongly disagree.
Just bring Mono Blue. And she did nothing at all.
*Beside chance one Blue Tiles to Underwild one xD

Rusulla at least bit dangerous. If you skill while she is hiding. All of your Heroes got additional 400ish damage which is quite high consider her as V.fast speed

And Nemo shines against Bera. And his hit become solid 1k

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This hero is not good :frowning:
Maybe if you go against a mono Fire defense team, then it still not as good as many others.
Eg: If Grazul fired at the opponent side before you use this hero, then it is not doing anything against a fire team either.

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Which is the worst S4 Heroes so far.
I might say the worst S3 Hero is slightly better compare to this… (After that fish get big buff but not enough)

She lack of initial damage and 2nd effect. ( Just my opinion )
If she gives damage to all and more damage depends on Blue Tiles, then it’s good.