🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 of HoTM Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v57]

This Evelyn is average speed while regular is fast, that’s why I asking if this list is bugged

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They think priority dispel is good enough to give a -4% edd for her, and have her drop to average speed :scream_cat:

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That has to be a typo. We have never seen a costume changing the speed of a hero.

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This reads like a balance update rather than worthwhile costumes to chase.


The laziest Beta Update of all Times from the developers. Lol
New Costumes???
More like a buff thread than a Costume. Why people waste money for that small tweak?

You know that they just trying to release as much Heroes as possible to get more money without even thinking about the creativity by just tweaking their % of their skill.
They should be more creative about the Costume Skill so players can have a variety or option if they want to use the original or the costume.

Cause this is just straight up “Costume is better than Original”, for a better version of Skill and Bonus Stats
The only thing to consider is Class. That’s it


These costumes are jokes. Sloppy work by SG.


Brain’s going off:

Personal “buffs” that would make them enticing:

Some thoughts


  • Boosted health over Health recovery (make it something like 500 for all allies)
  • Add either a cleanse or maybe a mana generation to all allies or all the caster’s allies.


  • That Special Skill is definitely NOT actually called Voidshield. Lmao
  • Will get back to this one in particular. I know they aren’t gonna make elemental double defense down a thing (defense down that increases every hit to a cap)


  • Change AoE critical chance increase to “Alters nature shields. When attacking, tiles have +% critical chance; when defending, tiles have -% accuracy.” OR target and nearby enemies have -46% accuracy.
  • OR add another status buff to him that’s shared with allies.


  • Add bleed damage. For all these “bleeding” attacks, there’s something weird about the fact she doesn’t actually scrap anyone. The target receives 345 Bleed damage over 4 turns.


  • Replace the heal per attack buff with Fracine’s auto-cleanse buff.
  • OR replace it with normal attack buff to all allies for a few turns.
  • OR make it boost per normal attack buff. Maybe something like between 40 to 85 boosted health every time they strike.


  • Make the Burn damage spread. Make it the Inferno debuff, like how the Undead Mau boss does.


  • Give those minions to all allies
  • For fun and goofs, give Thoth-Amun the resurrect buff. If the caster dies within 4 turns, they are revived with 30% HP. All status effects and stacks are removed.


  • Increase the damage to all enemies a bit. 150%
  • OR have the damage increased based on tiles on the board, up to the cap of 180%.

I think @PlayForFun cut and paste this from c aeron


I know it happens, but there’s something hilarious if, among these beta costumes reading like the devs switched the ordering of bulletpoints, they also just said “Evelyn’s now the dark healer dude too while we’re at it!”


Sorry …. In Beta both Regular Evelyn and the new Costumed Evelyn are both Fast speed

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I’m actually surprised of all the negative reviews that those costumes are getting. I mean, a different version of the hero (like cGunnar, 1st costume Kiril, sonya or caedmon) would be awesome, but I was expecting overpowered buffs like cAlasie or cHel.
Maybe all that negative feeling came from players burnout. Or maybe I’m bad at understanding things and people :grin:

Not even expecting overpowered, but something different. Like health boost instead of health recovery, splash to AOE. Something along the lines to distinguish it between regular and costume. Idc if they do ten million versions of klaerns now, just something different!

Evelyn’s special Voidshield, has the same name as Aeron’s Judge costume, but different effects. :confounded:

Couple of minor formatting issues (bullet-point) on Gregorian’s and Natalya’s special skill descriptions.

Also Musashi - Escape Artis maybe missing a t. (The t escaped? :rofl:)

I see no need to pull in this portal at all…

Should all be glad there’s no desire to chase the costumes, lol. Get to save your money!

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Wtf is wrong with these guys develping this Game?

Every months there are more and more OP heroes with less and less Chance to get them while they implement more and more cashgrab mechanics…

And then they come Up with these costumes?

Like “has anybody worked on the Tavern costumes? The first ones where pretty good, like GM and Alasi. Can someone do something Like that?”

“No Time for that, we are all Just working on New offers to sell more stuff. But i can tweek a few numbers on the existing Specials and call that costumes when i’m sitting on the toilett next time, OK?”

“Yea, guess thats good enough, just do that and we call it a day”

It feels Like it’s getting worse with every update…


Right? When I saw the thread and saw that it included some HOTMs I had, and some I still covet, I thought ‘Ooo, I wonder if this will make me pull instead of sticking to not spending’.

The answer is a resounding no.


I had to go and check the original hero thread to make sure there was an actual difference.

Delilah’s minion buff is an insult to her. At the very least make it boosted health.
Evelyn - is actually ok.
Zeline - so… increased attack down and a switched buff removal. (always welcome)
The rest… Meh. At least Thoth has broken 300% at… fast… I guess? But then you look at Tinsel and think…

I agree - if anything this has put me off. Hopefully there’ll be a nice buff to look forward to to compensate.



They will push one costume at a time with 2 other good featured previous ones like C Hel for example

Costume evelyn’s mana speed looks “average” and costume Khiona’s looks “fast”

Actually i dont care much about the new costumes. We may get this heroes from HA10, and im not expecting much, since those are potentially “free” heroes.

I don’t understand what’s deals extra damage against Nature since Natalya doesn’t deal any damage, @PlayForFun .