🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31]

Difference in Thor and ninjas are, Thor gets progressively stronger while fighting.

Ninjas get progressively stronger while waiting before striking…

Two concepts done right, while staying true to their history/lore

GJ SG :slight_smile:


I have looked through this thread and could not find an answer. We were having a discussion about Lord Loki in our alliance and we came up with a few questions we could not figure.

Are you forced to use the special you copy with Lord Loik’s special skill on the character you copy it from? For heals and attack all this is not an issue but it could be for snipes or attack caster and near by targets.

For example, if I cast Lord Loki’s special on, say, Lianna. Does that use the snipe on her or can I copy her snipe and then use it on another character?


Another question if I may, does Loki work on Titan’s special skill?


I saw further up in this thread that it does work on titan special skills. @Guvnor posted that it in fact does.

Great, thanks for confirming. Lost track of this topic at some point.

Also, when he does fire, is his damage based on his own attack or the targeted enemy attack?

Because his attack is kinda high. If he aims a hero like Marjana, Owl or Alfrike who normally have low attack stat, but then uses his own attack stat for dmg calculation it may be quite morderous. But I assume it would be logical to use his own attack.

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Yes. If you target Joon, you will use his snipe on him.

If you target Hel, you will use her hit-3 skill on her + nearby.

If you target Telluria, you will use her hit-all skill on all of her team.


@DaveCozy thank you for clarifying!!

@Suicide_Bunny I would assume it uses Lord Loki’s paper stats. but you know what happens when you assume…lol

I didn’t pay attention in Beta, but I’m positive it’s his own attack stat.

Like I said earlier in this thread:


It is not a deal breaker that he uses the special he copies on the hero he copied it from but it is a limitation on his overall usefulness. I get why it is that way, but it kind of stinks.

That being said I still think he is going to be one of the best heroes in the game, and I can’t wait to pull for him. In my Opinion he is the best of the announced but unreleased heroes, that says a lot because Odin and Thor are going to be very very good.

So , Thor or Odin and why? Both look solid!

Who do I save my pulls for?

Thinking Sartana (Or CRigard), Skadi, Telluria, GM, Thor (or Odin)

you could use gems in costumes for c Leonida and C marjana, but if you want to do in s3 i think lord loki is the best :stuck_out_tongue: but between thr and Odin i think Thor is better, i like him

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Costume Leo would be a good yellow also, but his emblems would conflict with Skadi for my defense team. That is why I was thinking Thor or Odin? Odin looks like a decent tank and could replace Telly and I could add another green in like Lianna. But Thor looks like he could be an offensive beast if you can start ghosting yellow tiles, 280 to all and blind by the third fire at very fast manna could be lethal.

I really want to have both Lokis in my roster. So far I don’t have any Valhalla 5* so I would be happy with any, but yeah… Dozens of pulls here I come :joy:

I’m saving for Odin personally.

I already have Joon, Neith and Justice (rush attack) to cover all my blind needs and wants.

Thor is cool in that he’s all of them rolled into one, but Fighter also has some competition in my bench (Lady Loki and Magni are sharing emblems currently). On the other hand I’m lacking strong Paladins.


That is a good point, if I pulled a Francine or Frigg (please please) to take my green spot, Odin may be a better play. I only have Joon and Bai for my yellows so either would be a great upgrade for me. Also my only fighters are Tyr (3/70) and Boldtusk+20. So emblems would just be the discussion to pull them off BT or not.

Can’t wait to test Frigg and Odin together in Defense.


few days before november and we still dont know next valhalla hero :slight_smile:


I think they work hard to fix heroes to be like bad hotm good s3 hero, good hotm and bad s3 hero in the same month etc…

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Still no clue what the order is for releasing the new valhalla heroes?

What are everyone’s thoughts on Thor vs Odin? Who would you save pulls for and why?

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