🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31]

yes, he’ll buff his teams mana on defense too. By how much, it depends on how many yellow tiles are in the board at the time he activates.

I don’t believe so, but I’ll tag @Guvnor to see if he remembers hearing from staff (he’s sleeping now so give him until his morning time to answer).


Cool. Thanks for the response !

I have worst roaster on red so i need gefjon so much, i have 40 pulls for her

Nothing confirmed yet.

Plan to ask staff today for an update :slight_smile:


So how does Loki’s skill work when activated: does he get to use the stolen skill immediately or does he have to wait to use the skill until he is charged again?

He immediately uses the skill of the enemy targeted. Ex: Use Lord Loki’s special skill while targeting enemy Alfrike. Lord Loki uses Alfrike’s “Cube of Dark Realm” on the enemy team.


Any chance you have fresh info on who will be featured in November? Curious if we will have a blue HOTM and blue featured Valhalla in the same month.

Not currently. Have asked staff and am awaiting a response.


Thor is VERY OP! Very strong! Telluria II ?

So my question now is… if I use Lord Loki on any Ninja hero… which special is going to be copied? the x1?.. x2? or x3?


That is an excellent question jamir!!! Never thought about that lol.
Still waiting for the staff to tell us who is going to be featured in Nov, Dec …


I expect 1x.

These two sets of heroes however have never been tested together in Beta so we can’t know for sure :slight_smile:

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ierazo tu eres mexicano o algo asi? creo q hemos compartido alianza alguna vez, sino me equivoco fue en el palacio de la risa

mmm chileno si mal no recuerdo

ierazo, are you Mexican or something like that? I think we have ever shared an alliance, but I’m wrong it was in the palace of laughter

mmm Chilean if I remember correctly

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Recuerdas muy bien @Jamir !
Chileno, y si, el palacio de la risa durante el 2019!

You remember very well @Jamir!
Chilean, and yes, the palace of laughter during 2019!


I actually see two possible scenarios:

  1. The special at the time of the copying,
  2. The entire special, turning Loki into a ninja basically that could be charged more to the next level.
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@Jamir and @BigLordF

I asked staff and Lord Loki will copy whichever level of the skill is highlighted at the time.

So if Thor or the Ninja Hero us at 2x, then Lord Loki will mimic the 2x special and fire it :slight_smile:


How long (how much turn) lord loki keep holding mimicking enemies specials?

thank you Gunvor, that’s intresting.

@mogulemon i think Lord Loki never hold a special he simply use the same special as the enemy target would do.


So can lord loki mimicking dead opponent specials?

How? He can’t shoot him when hes dead :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


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