🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Gefjon, Lord Loki, Odin, Thor) [Part of The Beta Beat V31]

Tellurian has a innate ability preventing destroying minions, not stealing then, doesn’t she?

Isn’t it resist minion removal?

It is minion removal, quite interesting how it plays out.

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I think it works on tellu cause Gefjon skill “steals” the minion. It does not destroy it.
But SG needs to be more precise on those kinds of interaction or use the right vocabulary…

None works on telly… Minions from telly can’t be removed/stolen etc… Just killed


It says:

Any kind of removal is resisted, including eating or stealing because they remove it. Even Noor’s minion minion destroying ability is resisted because it instantly remove the minions, not via damage.

Does that mean that if he steal a minion from seshat and keep it alive for at least 3 turns it will start copy it self? And if he steal one of this minion at 1 turn from copyng it self does the counter reset or still be one?


And I totally love how he looks like.
I hope it’s a hero card one day <3

I think I kinda started a subthread here. I’m not sure if Tell will resist. If that character is in beta, let’s wait a beta tester to confirm it.

But again, I have meant it’s good to have a 500% damage fire sniper to fight Telluria and also it’s super good to have a minion stealer for fighting Seshat. I did not mention anything about Telluria’s minions.

Super excited for Thor and Gef, particularly the former, really like that increase in how many he hits each use of skill!

When will Odin, Gefjon, Thor be available? And, will they all be released at the same time?

1 new hero for each time Valhalla is getting new levels (once at the end of month).
With a batch of 3 heroes before them they will probably show up 1 each month from October to January 2021.

But nothing is fixed as this is just spekulativ based on beta.

So with Odin as a potential tank, attackers aren’t likely to bring yellows…so there will be lots of yellow tiles on the board when he fires? That could be major damage and mana boosts at fast speed. I think Lord Loki is still my fave, because I like the crazy :crazy_face: but I’d level Odin for sure.

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I missed out on Drake with this Atlantis so hoping Thor stays the same (or gets better). Just have to wait until at least October to even see him :confused:

How many Lokis are devs gonna create?? This the fourth one already. Or fifth ? :confused:

Does anyone already knows when these heroes will be released? Late 2020 i guess right?

October to January…
Don’t know in which order.

July to September will be filled with the 3 heroes from previous round I believe.

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Not many liked thors looks

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NOPE each and EVERY hit will change

NO when he fires the FIRST time he hits the target aimed at with the special the target has.

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