🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

Won’t matter - happens to all games - point is SG made a half a Billion dollars - time to move onto another project when that time comes.

People have been saying this since I started reading this forum - December 2018 that was.

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I’ve been in the forum since January 2019, but it wasn’t until GTV fiasco that I start to hear that.


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ssSSSSssss$$$PEND. Zynga bank is open 24/7. $$$0000 many heroes

For killhare and Lepus, saving 70 coin EHT, is it enough to get them ?

depends on your luck. you know too. Your 70 EHT may not get any 5* heroes. Lol

I got Killhare and Roostley by using 8 x EHTs, then i am keeping remaining 50 for christmas for MN & Krampus. As @Gaia mentioned RNG is RNG. You may not get any 5s in 100 pulls too.

Yes, you are right @rapcoon . what I mean is that an RNG is still an RNG. nothing sure. we already know this game is purely gambling.

Qinn3 -between 5 and 15 per month.

I just pulled Roc, Yunan, & Rana all with coins. I pulled Elizabeth with 350 gems


As someone with Master Lepus, I like his update. Could have given him a bit more bite. That said, I can’t see how I’m gonna pull him again to get the costume.

That’s easy. $$$$$$$$$$ :rofl:

I am close to been done when they bring out costumes for Telluria and Vela I am quitting maybe before then anyway.

I have seen multiple alliances disintegrate from too many people quitting I dont have numbers but would not be surprised of the player base is falling drastically at a constant rate.

I dont think their is an option for the developers to reverse course once you lose the trust of your player/user base its hard if not impossible to get that back.

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Winni, it’s not going down, is shooting up. It doesn’t matter what a few people on the forum are doing. Look at Zynga/SG. Seems to me that you - and others- want SG to do badly because they didn’t follow some path you would have like them to follow. Congrats SG!

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The number of 5* tournament participants drop down more than 100k.


Really unnecessary costumes for most of these heroes.

I guess GM, Finely, and Jabberwock costume aren’t considered OP imo.

On the other hand, costume Killhare and Lepus damage is insane. Costume Killhare does 330% at 742 attack and the -34% attack for 3 turns to allies isn’t even as bad as the -20% defense to allies of base Killhare.

And Lepus doing 270% to all with 797 attack at fast speed is huge. Makes all those slow heroes who do 270% or less (and have lower attack stat) look like crap.


If SG rolls out Xmas costume in a few weeks, even on recent new heroes like Krampus, then I am sure Lepus and KH costumes will be live at Springvale 2022.

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I just hope costume carol finally gets a minion


Carol was food for someone last year. If no substantial change to her SS, she will remain as food this year. :joy:

Vanda, Francine, and Frank were all released last year. Thus it seems almost certain Christmas will have costumes.


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