🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

This is just off the costume card, It will probably be bigger as DoT scales with the attack stat; so DoT will be bigger when the costume bonus is applied… I just don’t have that number on hand current.

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Makes sense. the 426 was probably a typo

Sorry, I was looked at the actual maxed hero card in my rooster and NOT the portal.
So as there is a 3% costume bonus this is justifies this 12 difference.


It’s a slap in the face for hero coins and event coins.
You save and wait (or pay) and are excited if you finally land a special hero.
But it turns out you can get them - and better - with keys as well…

I get it if S2 heroes (and nowadays S3) are added because we don’t get these coins anymore.
I get it if past HOTM are included because you can’t get them anymore (or leery sporadic)

I don’t get it for seasonal and event heroes.

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This costume idea for everyone is and always will be an awful idea. Apart from every single reason already pointed out, i can cope with Skittleskull having a ridiculous outfit, or with some other pretty much useless vanilla hero turned into a carnival freak. I cannot cope with every single cool hero of this game being turned into a farce.


Im so against costumes. They should be used as free or at least easy to obtain buffs for underperforming heros… not a blatant attempt to scam more money from us… I have a yunan or rana already… do they really think I’m going to spend again to grab a second yunun and his costume?? It’s quite insulting that they even use this tactic.


Same i stopped my monthly pass but guess what?! The game will send me ads to subscribe again, at this point i might drop the game completely since all i see on wars are op heroes that i wont get unless i spend the money


Everyone in here singing the same song and dance as expected, meanwhile I’m over here like…

Arman is my only sand hero, even after 2+ years of playing and seeing this event twice. I would love to pull a David Hasselhoff or Yasmine Bleeth.

Would rather a Salmon Loki though if you’re listening SGG…

Do you have another special heroes frome another event or heroes from s2? If the answer it’s No, then for you the new costumes it’s ok, if the answer it’s Yes, then my friend be ready to pay again for them, if SG release this costumes they will release all costumes where was in beta. I don’t know for you but for me the double selling it’s not ok, for me to pay 2 times for one hero it’s not fun.


I wouldn’t be shocked if they only make costumes for a bunch of non-S1 5* heroes and then stopped outright and never bring it up for 3 years.

They will not stop, if they add and 1 non s1 costume in the game they will make for all of them.


The only real way for game to realize is this isnt gonna work is for people to not spend gems during the sand event. If you want to use your EHTs, thats a different story and we’ve already seen this #nospend not work


But quit the game it’s working very well, i don’t have problem with the power of the new costumes but I have problem with the double selling, and believe me I’m not the only one who doesn’t like it. I have spend a lot in this game and I will spend and more but not for hero which I already have, and if they put on the costumes, they will be better than their original versions, therefore the heroes we currently have will be almost as useless as the ones from S1, we can also forget about the heroes buffs that everyone has been waiting for years to be made.


I’m somewhat surprised these two heroes are getting costumed.

Neither of them is bad per se, Yunan is a decent tank and Rana a good damage threat.

Costumes themselves look ok, Yunan doesn’t look all too much better with it, Rana seems slightly better. Stat boost welcome on both regardless.

In other words, shoulders were shrugged. There are more grateful costume recipients among event heroes cough boss wolf cough owl cough marie-therese

Thats a contradiction. The power creep doesnt bother you but now we see S1 useless?

The solution is an easy one but your’re correct, we will continue to wait for a balance to keep people interested.

The question is for this game, how are they going to keep the long time players still interested without irritating them by having them still spend gems and keep the new players interested without looking at the task of how will I ever be competitive without spending a ton of $$$$.

I’d bet there are more people leaving the game out of frustration then coming into it right now. I’ve seen it already in my alliance and getting the spots filled are getting tougher and tougher. Were a highly desired alliance to be in going from top 10 overall to around 80 depending on if the titan is down when full


I have plenty of non-S1 5* heroes. Events, S2, S3, S4, ninjas… you name it, I’ve managed to snag something from these portals.

The way I view this - if I’m so inclined to draw from these probable portals, I’m not paying again for a hero, I’m paying for it’s costume, which is… drum roll please… a new hero. (c-Kadilen is the same as regular Kadilen, no?) Additionally, I don’t have to pull any of these costumes to enjoy the game or be successful at it within my own terms and conditions. I don’t want to be top-100. I’m fine where I am. I’m not trying to keep up with that crew. There’s always one or two new heroes popping up in my roster every month and I’m more than happy with that.

I truly feel for those players who believe it is necessary to spend on every portal and have all these new heroes, regardless of whether they’ll use them or not. As it has been said -
“We admit we are powerless over summoning [sic] and that our lives have become unmanageable.”


Problem is new heroes are way too good, look at the new event/s4 heroes with 2 abilities, at some point you wont be able to fight anyone with low heroes if they keep alienating c2p and new costumers


This is correct. These new circus heroes are just crazy. OP much? The VF tourneys/wars will involve not only Afrike, but these slow heroes behind her now to content with. Ugh. Not going to be fun.

Here’s why > $$$$$$$$$$$
Money it will generate outwieghs players quitting because of it.

A time will come when quitting players will outweigh revenue, and then it will be too late to go back


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