🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

That’s disappointing part. They say they care about balance in the game, and but do this. They are going to kill this game!


These guys just don’t get it. It’s so easy to see their intent by ignoring the heroes that actually could benefit from a boost.

We shouldn’t have to pay for a balancing of the power creep. We sure as heck don’t need a costume to bring back Vela and Telluria to it’s original state before the nerds, all 36 of them.

A slight power creep is acceptable but there needs to be a Bali and I don’t think they get it. If these costumes do come out, I will be done ever spending another dime here and I’ve already scaled back about 80% of what I did in the past


Guvnor, all this sounds good to me, but people will scream and shout…And complain, same as always.

Lily Frogg i have Khiona and Cobalt and like both of them and use both of them.

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And you will defend SG no matter what crappy decisions they make, same as always. 95% of players are against this, for good reason.


The new Lepus - 270% to all at FAST speed and almost 800 base attack and RANGER (pierce) class is so ridiculously, offensively arrogant that I have no words for this. My Mokky after a long-sought buff have 270% to not even all guys at average - lets call it AAoE - Almost All of Enemies. Oh, and Killhare has 330%…

Power creep? Naaaah


so my maxed lepus and killhare are useless now, i will have to pay again to get their costume ?? Naahhhh
You nerf heroes for free but when it comes to buff we have to pay a lot for it ??? scammers


I think understand their business model.

Yes, balance is something that you should pay for and if you don’t, oh well

No they are not usless. You can still use them, and use them very well. Are they the cream of the crop anymore like they used to be? No. In a game like this power creep is an inevitability. Would you rather them add a new hero with the exact same stats as the costume, but just call it Billhare instead?

All this to say, I’m not sure I agree with their philosophy on costumes but to call your current heroes useless is a bit overdramatic.


People are so completely overreacting to this.

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he said what he knew. you spend a lot because you can afford it. show expenses and then convince others how good it is.

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lets see how you guys will react when they will release costumes for telluria and vela again
it will just bring them back to their original form before the x4 nerfs but will have to pay for it again

im playing top lvl, not high lvl, TOP lvl
ranked 100 in every events, ally is among top 20, i spent a lot to get these heroes
Having to respend again for every single heroes i have is non acceptable

Yes my killhare and lepus are still usable, but totally outpowered by the costumes
its like using a 3/40 5* against a maxed +20 5*
not possible to compete in top 100 if you dont get them


And 99% of us are completely ok with that.

Come what may, I am resigned to the fact that this will happen. It’s a profit making business after all.

And let’s just say that a large chunk of players (not all of them) got to the top because they paid to play to get those nice new OP shiny heroes.

And in the process left the F2P and C2P behind with their redundant S1 heroes (and multiple duplicates).

As the top players / P2P players leave the game because of burnout in trying to keep up - new players arrive that will only spend in the costume chamber and Valhalla and S3 or S4 etc and replace them.

Just think back to when we only had S1 and S2 heroes. I just wish I started out today rather than two and a half years ago.

Just my two pennies worth. And by the way I don’t agree with any of the current power creep in the game - it’s too much

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When SG releases OP costumes for all Ninjas I’m gonna laugh so hard at all people who say this is fine :joy:


You know they will. They don’t care.

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I see this as an attempt to make these portals still attractive, so yes, the motive is clearly financial. It is sort of a lazy approach, because it could have been done by introducing completely new heros - just the way it has been done in the past. At least this holds for seasonal events, not Tavern of legends and S2. Those new heros would probably be more powerful as well, so regarding power balance I don’t see much difference in these alternative approaches. Top players would hunt for the newest powerful toy as they always do. But I do get the frustration, that players who have these heros feel “cheated” because all of the sudden they should pull for the same heros again to get their costume (if they think it’s the only way to stay on the top). Constant (gradual) increase of power is the essence of this business model, so I can’t say I’m surprised with this move… I’m not too negative as well because I don’t have any of these heros (except GM), so everything is as usual. I voted neutral.

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We urgently need Ninja costumes. I wonder nobody mentioned it. 99% dodge would be just right, don’t you think so dear SG staff?


Definitely, and their special should be renamed to ‘You just die forever’. Well, except for Jade and Mica, who should get ‘Can’t Touch This’ instead.


Jade doesn’t get one, they are only reserved for our favorite heroes.


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