🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

Victor needs a buff way more than any of these heroes. Vanda makes him look like a 3*.


This is so dumb and cynical even for ‘Zynga’-SG

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Agreed can everyone do this. If as a community we all started leaving 1* reviews. That would hurt them and possible make them rethink this.




Keep those screenshots coming guys let’s swamp them with 1* reviews. Screw this.


I was just thinking that despite my initial resistance, they costumes ended up being really great additions and a good way to buff old heroes and thinking “maybe they’ll start with some under-powered season 2 heroes”

Lol, that was comically wrong.

The only way this won’t be a game-ending change is if they get put into the normal costume portal as a way to expand access to some of the game’s top heroes.

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SG will be making a huge MISTAKE, if they eventually launch this. Totally uncalled for

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@zephyr1 @Guvnor @Petri : More such OP hero costumes will surely kill this good game and I am sure that SG team knows about it very well.

While don’t want to be preachy, will say, that, the key to any winning, profitable strategy, over a long period of time is, to find ways to keep the “main customer base engaged” = the bottom of the pyramid players (free2play & cheap2play) who will keep expanding the base and occasionally spend… So SG, please start THINKING FASTER, BETTER, CLEARER…

Making more variety of heroes, other than only Season-1 in TC20 will help in a BiG way in this regard…

Also, with all the new heroes coming out… TC20 becomes a good lollipop incentive for non-spending players to engage more…

Remember, poor quality of ascension mats from all possible chests, Titans, tournaments is already a downer unless one is very old in the game or a big spender…

WHAT is the point of giving easy farmable mats in the chests, titans, tournaments, quests… ???
TODAY is an era of speedy expectations… so NEW players might NOT stick around patiently… I have had more than 10 friends drop E&P game after a week or two and these are rich players who spend…
Create more choice, ease of getting mats for ascension = better heroes to play the game… instead of the boring introduction of more OP heroes, which will be of no use for “BIG spenders” beyond a point…

I liked few hero costumes that got introduced yesterday… and I had also spoken about few hero changes in my BETA Application. Even though I was super happy to get Marjana costume fairly fast… I am most excited about:

  1. C. Gormek for steal ALL minions - Hit ALL - Heal ALL… that’s an excellent move that will help base players to tackle minion menace and also heal…

  2. C. Kelile become very relevant in the 4* meta as a mini-Gravemaker and will again help base players…

  3. Dawa suddenly became relevant, damn useful

  4. Ulmer, Kailani might get used more…

  5. Obakan became relevant (I had asked…)

These are the kind of changes that help the BIG bottom of pyramid players… so I would URGE SG to think in that area MORE while also introducing new things to keep the engine running…

Goodluck & Godspeed for better improvements in our beloved Game :slight_smile:


Released features that ended up getting completely scrapped?

1 & 2-star raid tournaments ?

It’s about the only climb-down I can recall.

You misspelled “let’s release their 2.0 version”.


We are getting bombed with new heroes, events and stuff. There is too much going on in the game. Every next hero is way stronger than previous ones. So probably S5 epic will be as strong as S1 legendaries? That’s a complete nonsense. I am happy that I stopped spending money on this game.
And now we see top tier heroes are going to get costumes despite there is so many heroes that need a rework or buff: guardian owl, guardian chameleon, boss wolf, inari, thot amun, noor, perseus, natalya, morgana, king arthur etc. Instead of making weaker heroes more competetive they are making more baits for money like Telluria or upcoming Thor (yeah, he will be nerfed soon after releasing).
This is so sad that this game has turned into a leech that is sucking money out of players and there is so many events and other things that if you want to keep it up with them you have to sacrifice you private life.


All the positive ideas get somehow scrapped or not yet released ( see friendly matches) while the focus is about releasing op heroes that will eventually get nerfed.

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TL;DR so sorry if someone pointed it out before, but this information inaccurate. Finleys costume deals 355% damage, not 385.

Funny, this is what I posted in December when Season 4 was announced:

‘All those concerns! These new super heroes will be easily countered by S2 and event hero costumes, which will likely be released around the same time, and brand new purchasable costume accessories for S1. Just my guess.’

Didn’t get much attention back then, but here we go… :slight_smile:


I have a question? Who is limiting the forum base on how often they can posts on certain topics? This thread and some of the others state “you need to wait 15 minutes before posting on this topic thread” or whatever. Who did that? If the answer is SG, then this is more of a problem then anything else. Trying to silence us by attempting to limit our posts is very, VERY telling.

But, to go back on topic, I’m trying to figure out how we got this far. Who do we have to blame for this? SG or ourselves. Look at some of the comments on other threads from the past and I think you’ll have your answer. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


I think you are being way too optimistic if you think SG care about this…


One big question will be if/how/when Hero Academy will be improved to stay relevant.
Will there be a costume researching level? What about newer heroes? What about multiple buildings?


I hate to be a doomsday profet, but I must say it. The end is near.

It starts to look like SG is milking everything they are able to get out of player base before it’s lights out. First we got glimpses of those OP S4 heroes and now these already ridiculously strong “creme de la creme” heroes gets costumes.

I’ll give it one year, one and half for the max until it’s good bye. Don’t get too excited.


HA is a joke. They will not fix it because it was never broken in their eyes. It’s meant to frustrate people into buying gems to pull the heroes they want instead of waiting a week for a duplicate s1 hero. The fact I can put in a Victor (I didn’t do that, it’s just an example) but not receive one is ridiculous. If seasonal heroes are NOT in the HA, they should not be allowed to be used for retraining.

Also, fix the ninjas! Nerf, balance, whatever you want to call it, just do it… But not with costumes!


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