🧪 Early Information on ROUND 4 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

Ugh pretty sure those costumes for s2 will be called “balance update” so they can sell stronger versions of Poseidon and Ursena instead of buffing Inari and the some trash 4 and 3☆s that Atlantis has. And of course make people summon in Atlantis all over again.

When I first read the prompt I thought they have given up this idea but sadly it was a mirage.


99% dodge; AND 500% counterattack that cannot be bypassed.

That was wise and unexpected.
Now we just need some way to restore a decent amount of free atlantis tokens for F2P.



The double selling it’s not good, no meters if they will add the costumes now on this event or later on s2, on every normal game who provides a costume for your hero you get it with the hero an after this you have to unlock it, so if they want to make costumes for every hero in the game they have to give the costumes for free and to add new costumes tokens or something like this to unlock this costumes.


Beta Update

Cross posting this here as it will (undoubtably) be shared around anyways:


This is welcome new on the surface, and I’m glad SG is taking a step back.

However, I’m hesitant to applaud very much. There’s no indication that they plan on implementing the costumes any differently than before. In my mind, there’s not much of a difference between summoning for a Master Lepus costume in Springvale versus a Rana costume in Sand Empire.

I hope they do find a way to release the costumes in a more equitable way for folks who already have non-S1 5*, but I’m not really counting on it.

In general, I’m totally against non-S1 costumes in any form; but if they are going to be released, it shouldn’t require summoning a duplicate hero in addition to having less than 1% odds of getting the costume you desire.


Agreed 100% I am against summoning costumes (outside of season 1) as a solution to balancing. If they are dead set on releasing costumes, make it a reward for completing a mission, or task, or something that doesnt require spending money to get.


They need to design and find a way to fix the non-S1 costume summoning though.

Maybe they can implement the non-S1 costume portal (no hero) concept that some other forum members also mentioned above - a portal for non-S1 costume only and will only appear during specific events.

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Will SG introduce costumes for finley,gravemaker?

The issue with costume only summons remains the same — for anyone that gets the costume without the hero, it’s a horrible outcome.

I’m lucky to have several S2 5s, but if I got the costume for Ursena then I’d be rather pissed off. Because it’s worthless to me and I’m unlikely to ever get Ursena.

The only way to do a costume only portal and not risk this is to restrict the costumes to the heroes you have. And I don’t see them ever doing that.

PS - we all know that any such portal will have s1s in it too, right? Want to bet odds that it will be sans costume?

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Funny as it is, this change isnt any better, it creates another imbalance or as it is said, we are opening another ‘‘can of worms’’. If springvale is not costume supported, other seasonal events shouldnt have favouritism either . Everything can then be solved just by balance patches. So we are back at supporting only S1 costumes, as it should be. Exception could be older weaker HOTMS to spark life into Tavern summoning portal.

Besides, seasonal events have less heroes included to normal ones, so introducing new heroes into them is still viable option in generating revenue…


Hmmmmm…I have to disagree. I love the idea of a costume only portal with better odds.

IF you choose yo use this portal you accept that you may get a costume for hero that you don’t have. I do think, it should be a choice, you can take standard summoning odds and go for a costume and hero OR just the costume with better odds.

Only implementing one is less helpful and favours one group of players over another.


So instead of balancing the weak Roc, maybe he’ll get a costume to be usable, … That’s what a dog urinates on them …


I don’t think it would work this way, grounded in rational choices. I can promise you the forum would be flooded with posts how it’s not fair and it’s completely broken to get a costume without a hero… Money grab machine to make players chasing the original hero card etc.
So, in theory sounds nice, but in reality it would be the Hell on Earth, or at least here in this forum. :slight_smile:

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If they release costume tgt with hero card which means for those who has the hero, you need to pull again to get the costume version, I think it will be the Hell on Earth in the forum as well. In fact this is why SG gave up on costumed M.Lepus and Killhare, at least for now - so many negative feedbacks from the forum.

For costume only portal, the cost should be much lower and chance is higher to justify it is costume only. If it takes 300 gems for one single pull in the hero portal, I think it should take no more than 100 gem for one single pull in a costume only portal. Pulling 5* costume shall also has a higher chance say at 10-20% (comparable to 15% chance for using ETT during Ninja portal) instead of 2.5%.

If you set the single pull at 300 gems with a 2.5% to get 5*, of course ppl would expect an original hero card to come along with the costume.

Either way, SG needs to find a mechanism to make the system fair to players who have the original hero card or those who don’t. Otherwise there will likely be strong resistance whenever they want to release costumed version for non S1 heroes.

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Actually, there are strong reactions around here whenever they try to do anything, tbh. The last thing I remember was introducing trainer heros in summoning portal. For months people requested it, and when that happen it was a disaster in part of the community. There’s no way to please all players, and their stakeholders I’m afraid. :slight_smile:


The original costume chamber was 5%. Five. Thinking they’re going higher than that is laughable.


Which is why I’ve always argued there should be two rows of pull options, to summon with hero as it is now, and then another set of pull options for JUST costumes which would have higher odds of legendary and epic costumes for those of us who have most or all of the S1 heros, as it was in the first costume portal release.

This way all players can be strategic and be more inclined to pull more actually. I’m not sad at the idea of pulling any 5* costume, but I am very annoyed that I have 5 dupe Elena from trying to get the Domitia costume taking up my roster space.


I feel like it would be better to drop the guillotine and get it over with…

So much time is passing…are they going to do one last balance update before they finally start making everyone pay for buffs?

Maybe it will be like the last one: buff all S4 heroes and then
start releasing Hotm costume

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SCG surely bring constume without listening all players feedbacks , only their aim is money nowadays. Providing feedbacks and comments from beta testers and players in this forum to SCG is waste of time and effort as they won’t listen. They are waiting for spring vale to trade the heroes as it have 2 heroes which is included in the constume , once they trade enough they will release their constume later , this is their cunning idea and trade plan


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