🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v41, v42]

Just a FYI Update from Staff:


Great point! I never considered that and was wondering what a blue hero would need to rely on Nature shields was all about.

Beta update:

  • Passepartout’s special skill has been modifed. Now he also recover 20% health for all allies.

OP is updated.


Lughaidh is too slow imo. Yes he is a wall on rush, but any hero can shine on rush. Against any dispeller, he’ll be sitting there half the time doing nothing. Needs to be average speed

It’s possible that Lughaidh functions similar to Baldur. As long as Baldur has increased HP, his entire team is immune to mana downs. It’s undispellable even though I’m fairly certain it doesn’t state that.

Then it would have been stated in the text already. ‘All allies get +64% defence as long as the caster is in ghost form’ something like that

So we have 12 5* already showing up. 2 more are yet to debut (Zenobia and Xnolphod)… plus these 3 will add up to 17.

I think that’s it for Season 4. One more secret hero to go at the end I guess.

Season 5 could well launch around mid of next year… lol

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saying as such would be redundant with the rest of the card:

  • While in Ghost form the caster can’t gain mana and can’t be healed by Special Skills, but it is immune to normal attacks, Special Skill attacks, status effects and stacks.

so we already know from previous Ghost forms (Ameonna’s Ghost, Stonecleave’s Dire Ghost, Lepiota’s Abyss Ghost) that Ghost form is already undispellable (but gets removed by War Equalizer), but in case it wasn’t clear, it says that the caster is immune to “special skill attacks” which include dispels.

so the caster remains in Ghost form for the duration it says on the card, and so allies will have +64% defense for that duration because they receive that buff while the caster is in Ghost form.

the ultimate “pick your poison” team:

Alexandrine, Frigg, Xnolphod, Odin, Octros

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Not poison as the special is not dangerous for opponents. Unlike Xnolphod whose mana addition is a danger…

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I fail to understand this hero…
How is ghost form beneficial to my team?
Other than inc def to allies

He can’t be tank because he’ll just make it easier for enemies to ghost tiles. If he’s in front of doubles formation, he’ll make it easier for back row to be damaged by tiles. If he’s at the back, he’ll be too slow to work. He just needs to be average

Who are these two and why are people waiting for them?

Zenobia is basically a red and average Jabberwock, with the ability to alter red tiles on the battlefield. Xnolphod in another hand is an interesting 5* purple healer.


how bout karnov replacing bera?

S4 launched the following month S3 was complete, in March 2021.

S5 will probably follow suit, once S4 is complete, in March 2022.


That is my expectation too.
We should see Season 5 heroes at the of this year in Beta.

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Exciting times ahead

On defense? Imo, Karnov should never be on defense even in rush if you have other options (except maybe rush no-yellow tournament). Karnonv slows down the yellow hero(es) on your team. In non-rush defense, he’s slow so could never replace Bera.


While I agree, he can potentially be a flank to yellow tank, like for example Odin tank.

Then his yellow ailment doesnt play any role, while his black shields will work nicely

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