🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v41, v42]

hope they will be in the next build

Octros is just a stronger Sudri. More damage in Average speed. Massive damage sure, but same mechanics

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Passepartout: like vivica, but more sturdy stat, potential more heal and def (but on avarage special still better Vivica, but vivica is slow of course and Passepartout is avarage and ice)

Lughaidh: like Ameona, but more sturdy def/hp, but weaker on attack stat, Ameona is better attack stats. But special Ameona only give the caster gains +82% attack, Lughaidh give the caster HoT and +64% def on all allies (except the caster of course because the caster is ghosted anyway). Ameona is fast, Lughaidh is slow, and Lughaidh is nature not dark.

Octros: like sudri,… great hit-all red on avarage speed like G Kong without cleanse.

Just to clarify, this means that if there is 1 Nature shield on the board at the time of casting, he gives 300HP over 4 turns; if there are 2 Nature shields on the board, then 400 HP over 4 turns, etc?
So if there are 8 Nature shields, he maxes out at giving 1000 HP over 4 turns.

It’s interesting that he is Ice (blue) but his ability is dependent on nature shields.
If a defense has Passepartout and Frigg, then it would be highly advantageous to bring greens on offense. Maybe this could encourage Red tanks? idk

Is Octros going to be THE fire hero for defense?!

Morel - Frigg - Bera - Odin - Octros ?!

Odin to mana buff Octros average speed right wing. Now thats AOE baby


@leaponover you might want to complain about this.

Octros, seems like a red Frigg, but only dealing damage without any extra effects

This team composition looks like a total nightmare, ouch!

But that makes him a great flank for red tanks, since it’s counterintuitive to bring green heroes against them.

Which means boards with plenty of green tiles all the time.


I doubt it personally… The thing that made Frigg, Odin and now morel so powerful is their skill at FAST mana.

Octo just doesn’t fit that bill, regardless of having a similar special skill.


Possibly a counter to frigg

These three new 5* heroes are rather underwhelming comparing to those already released to be honest.


We’ll see. Tbh, I see a some ppl running Morel - Frigg - Bera - Odin - Elizabeth and I figure Octros would be a better right wing than Elizabeth (Octros is fighter as well). What are you guys running for red in non-rush war defense?

If Octors was fast speed, same dmg as Frigg and gave attack down instead of defense down, would that be an insane defense? Or too much AOE…

Open and shut case now…


Can’t wait until the story requires new 4* and 3* heroes… or they can remodel something again and again and wait until they finish all 36 provinces for new S4 heroes…

I don’t think there will be any more 3-4*, they always get released at the start.


No it makes sense that heros shouldn’t use their own color for the bonus. Since you just matched all those tiles up to charge their special.

All the heros of this type should function this way.

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Not having Frigg, he seemed to be a 5* Sudri to me lol

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That would make things rather easy - you can go blue mono, use all blue shield and still have plenty of green shields.
Until now the caster was using shields of his own colour for a reason - you used all your own shields to fill the mana bar, so you can cast your special straight away, but with weaker effect or wait until new shield come up.
In this case you can utilize all shields of your colour and still cast a powerful special.