🧪 Early Information on Round 3 of Challenge Festival (Additional Bard) Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v52]

Ogima is the love child of Grimble and skadi… Honestly… I’d watch that conception.


Celimane came a little bit too late. Anti cleanse doesn’t matter to M&M, and maybe lady Loki can finally add some worth to her

Is Ogima worth chasing a second one or wait for the new heroes that haven’t been released yet?

Bella and Cellladine seem decent but not worth chasing?

Ogima is incredibly powerful against minions but just a good hero if you don’t have minions to destroy

I would chase just one

Of course I wouldn’t complain if I get dupes… lol

I mean he’s pretty much a win button against any minion team

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a stack cleanser… Or is there one but i haven’t been paying attention.

G Chameleon and Lepiota

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Cham doesn’t remove stacks, only leppy

Yes there’s no stack cleanser yet. Guess stacks are still not a mainstream mechanic yet. Probably gonna be paywalled when the stack remover comes


AnaBelle removes stacks luckily. (I think!?)

Nope, she doesn’t. Even though it sounds like she would remove stacks with a skill named ‘tidy up’