🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]

Wait… It’s just a plain fish?

Yeah, the Salmon is a Fish. With some colors on. :joy:

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Idk, i was waiting Loki in a salmon suit or something like that XD

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Sorry, just quick question, is there any update/info when these heros will be out?

Based on the pattern so far, they’re likely to release in August through October.


Than you @zephyr1 :slight_smile:

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Beta Update

This round of Season 3 Legendary Heroes have re-entered Beta for further testing, with some changes:

  • Salmon Loki has been renamed to Bera, and the artwork has been changed from a salmon to a winged woman

  • Bera now has Poison damage instead of Water, and a Moth Minion instead of a Fish Minion; stats are otherwise unchanged

  • Frigg’s direct damage has been increased from 80% to 100%; and her per-tile damage has been decreased from 22% to 18%, with the maximum damage reduced from 256% to 244%

  • Lady Loki has returned, and appears unchanged from the last version seen in Beta

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


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Thank you SG for not releasing a random salmon into the game, the new hero art looks a lot better. (this post is strickly my opinion and you are free to disagree of course).

Although we do now miss out on some quality dad jokes about fish tanks and the sight of seeing Roc flanking the Salmon like it’s about to feast.


I am outraged more than all the Telluria rage at this nerf. Do you know how many gems I was saving for the fish version of @ProfLoki ?

Devastated by this news. I’ll start the don’t nerf/compensation threads.


Agree re fish heroes (I mean, a fish? Really?) and also there were too many characters named Loki already = much confusion (and I am easily confused). Too much poison though, and doesn’t that leave Vela as currently the only hero who does water damage? Presumably they wanted to reserve water for Ice heroes.

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A bit sad that Salmon Loki gets removed. At least Lady Loki remains. Well at least that makes not spending easier.

Still hope Salmon Loki gets reused as a 4 (or 3) Star hero. Would also be smart business not to waste the artwork.

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Salmon mobs incoming!

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Salmon Loki is actually based on the nordic lore. He used that as a disguise to hide after Baldur died (without it being his fault at all)


One also wonders if there are storyline dialogue screens which use Salmon Loki, as well as whether Bera will be integrated into the story or not.

Oh I know, sorry, I could have used better wording then calling it random, I just meant as far as heroes go, a salmon was not ideal and fairly silly looking. (and I still think it too closely resembles that of Freya that they just recently released).

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Boo on the Salmon Loki change. It’s part of the actual mythology folks.



Yeah we know… BUT it would be getting rather confusing if you have 2 Loki in the game with probably a normal Loki yet to come…

Salmon Loki, Lady Loki & Loki… Would be a lot of confusion me thinks :wink:


Moth lady sounds as good. Too bad, no more salmon roe.

Clicking that link made my morning. I ended up reading about some of the other S3 heroes like Freya, Skadi, Gullinbursti, Fenrir…

So thanks. The forum is way more exciting than the game RN…

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