🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]

:rofl: I love that!!

Most seen this coming except the 10000 posters in “nerf Telluria” threads… but they can redeem themselves in the “buff no nerf” Telluria counters threads


Will there be another 4* heroes other than Fura?

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@zephyr1 will these be out next portal?

No idea, but probably not next month. (And definitely not this month.)

They’ve been adding one per month, and Skadi and Baldur were tested ahead of these.

Plus we saw Alfrike in a Beta portal earlier.

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Nothing tested no. SGG confirmed that they tested Fura so far in advance of her release cause they were unsure about the new Health Reduction Mechanic.

I don’t anticipate getting another “dose” of S3 heroes until June/July time at the earliest.

Unlikely no.

SGG have confirmed elsewhere that they are just drip feeding in one new S3 5* hero per portal as the new “Featured” hero. First it was Fenrir, then Norns.

We also have Baldur, Alfrike & Skadi to come yet… I suspect they will follow a colour rotation. So far it’s been Blue -> Yellow; what’s next? we’ll see in a couple weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please create a 4* blue sorcerer or (a 4* yellow sorcerer + a 4* blue fighter), and make it a good one :wink:

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hm… haven’t pulled at s3 so far… do you think this is the time to start using coins (or even gems)?

update: oh… my first thought was that they come as described next week… but this doesen’t seem to be the case or sure they stay as described… so let’s wait and see… but they definatelly look interesting…

That was my thought on reading — it’s a 5 star Kvasir. Which is great, as Kvasir is an amazing 3 star. With those stats and fast? WANT.

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Ok. I expect a Loki card. This is even better! I love that Small Games took their time and read the actual nordic Lore.

Both Salmon Loki and Lady Loki are featured in the old Storys.


Yeah, if the plan of one new Valhalla Legendary Hero per month continues, then these Heroes are likely to be added in something like July through September, assuming Alfrike, Skadi, and Baldur are ahead of them, since they were tested first.

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They should have added Salmon Loki and Lady Loki in a surprise Valhalla at 1. April…

Thanks @zephyr1. May i ask how you plan your s3 summons? wait till autumn or so? or do a little bit every now and then? so far i haven’t done any s3 summons with coins or gems.

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I’m planning to Summon a little on Valhalla in months when I have no other Summoning priorities, and skip it otherwise.

Currently, that means the next time I’ll Summon on Valhalla at earliest is likely August.

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Frigg seems… Frigging better than Malosi? Maybe, not really?

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Can Salmon’s water damage stack with Vela’s?


Essentially the same minion mechanic as exists with Kavisr (3* yellow). Like DoT never stack :slight_smile:

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Frigg and Rat together is looking pretty awesome!


Almost all the S3 heroes released so far were mediocre - sort of expected, but still a bit more disappointing than expected.

Now they started to release the strong heroes. All 3 above sounds very strong and desirable.

Even better heroes may go next.

I am waiting with S3 pulls till July.

Will we have some new 3/4 stars heroes too?

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