🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]

These are desirable heroes, hope they mostly leave them alone they sound well balanced now. The dependency on number of tiles on board (Frigg) is clever. Most people seem to be thinking of how to use it offensively but it could be a real wildcard on defense- forcing opponents to make bad moves that clear tiles in order to reduce damage or possibly doing major damage if they have a board that isn’t moving well or is moving really fast and uncontrollably. So frigg is cool.

Kvasir is one of my favorite 3*’s… actually have used him against telluria+freya teams and it’s a big help preventing those minions from sticking. But he’s way outmatched and usually dies early. and now Salmon Loki is his fish-slapping big brother! He’s my current favorite of the three here and cool that he got water DoT so can pair up with Clarissa well.


If her speed is nerfed to average, her skill is worse than costumed Tiburtus.

Imagine if after charging her mana, only 3 green tiles left on board:
146% damage to all enemies.
-20% damage to all enemies for 3 turns.
All enemies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns

Even costumed Tiburtus have:
175% damage to all enemies.
-34 defense to all enemies for 4 turns.

Ridiculous nerf.

She will need around 5 green tiles on board to match Tiburtus skill output but that essentially make her slow speed albeit with preventing enemies from buffing.

Either her speed should go back to fast or increase both the initial damage and debuff.


Exactly. Her dependency on green tiles to maximize her damage and special output makes her by default slower than she actually is.

To simplify this: A fast hero that cast her special 3 turns after being charged is not fast.

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Now we got the weakest Hit with average Mana after Neith lol. Really a big nerf for this hero.
Skip S3


Toss a coin for a hero.

If edge, hero is balanced, if not edge, hero is either overpowered or underwhelming.

Does it count as spam if I say that Frigg with nerfed special stats but still fast speed is perfect? I’m not the first one thinking it, but neither will be I the last

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Hope they bring him back to Fast.

He is way too weak for S3 hero.
Lol average with 80% enemies?

Even the Legendary travern make him looks like a clown with very fast Mana and 107% to all enemies.

C’mon… :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: Too much nerf for heroes that doesn’t need.
Probably I just save gems for Costume which is much more reliable.


Beta Update

Frigg, Salmon Loki, and Lady Loki have returned to Beta.

Frigg has been changed back from Average to Fast, and is otherwise unchanged from the last round of testing.

Salmon Loki has not been changed since the last round of testing.

Lady Loki has received several changes:

  • Attack decreased from 784 to 747
  • Defense increased from 745 to 776
  • HP increased from 1281 to 1312
  • Additional damage per allocated status effect increased from 7% to 8%
  • Maximum possible total damage increased from 264% to 278%

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


Finally some positive changes :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing the info.


Frigg… Take my money!!! :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:

Edit : Oh well he she still being nerfed for the defense down tho… Then take half of my money instead :joy:


Gimme, gimme, gimme!


I have a question about frigg.
When he/she is in a defence team does the nature shields of the attacker count when she is activated? She could be fantastic on defence if so. Thx

Season 3’s heros are really interesting! I’ll love to try pulling to try my luck. Love to get the salmon fish! so yummy!

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So, Telluria (average mana) minions have 18% health inherited and are nightmare to kill, and Salmon Loki (fast mana hero) gives 20% HP minions, plus water damage and prevents minion to enemies. Any guarantees this hero will not get nerfed after release (if he is to be released as he is now in beta)? :roll_eyes:


Well, not sure if this means “the target cannot summons minions for 3 turns” like you suppose, or just that a fish cannot re-attack a target. Otherwise, targets would be poison-locked which would be insame.

I guess it works like Kvasir, 3* from S3.

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There will never be any guarantees. Now you have two reasons to summon at your own risk: abysmally low odds AND ever-looming nerfs :joy:


A fish as hero? I can go with antropomorphic animals as heroes like Azlar, Wu-Kong or whatever Telluria is, and although I still don’t like Santa Claus or the bunnies that much for breaking atmosphere in the game, just a plain fish takes my suspense of disbelief just a tad too far…

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Looking at Frigg, should have nice synergy with Ratatoskt for titans ?

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Well you have to count that telluria ability deal ANYTHING: damage,minion,heal over time,mana red and is big tank; salmon loki only summon minion, ye still fast that summon 5 big minions cause 20% is high for both but that’s it, no heal or damage or anytihng also he is not that much tank 750 def normal also 1370 hp hight but not that much like telluria.

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Wait… It’s just a plain fish?

Yeah, the Salmon is a Fish. With some colors on. :joy:

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