🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]

The fish thing would of been just awkward… I mean GM and Seshat then some big fish thing in between tanking… Santa is ridiculous let alone “flipper” on the screen

But an anthropomorphic bear who waves a blinding Lance or lion headed flaming sword guy work?


Well at least they’re mammals!

If you think about that a nerf for him just because there are more heroes that are immune to poison while only 1 (in beta) is immune to water, anyway i think nice heroes this moth\salmon

I loved the salmon. It would have been soo funny!


Beta Update

Frigg and Bera have returned to Beta with some small updates:

  • Frigg no longer causes enemies to be immune to new buffs; this line was removed from her Special Skill: All enemies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns.

  • Bera’s Moth Minions now impart 180 Poison DoT instead of 156

  • Bera has been officially confirmed as replacing Salmon Loki; for those who followed the previous round of updates this isn’t a surprise, and is how I previously presented Bera, as she had identical stats/element/Realm, and a nearly identical Special Skill as the former Salmon Loki

I’ve updated the top post of this thread with the Special Skill changes.


Hell yeah, Bera got even cooler. Kvasir is my all time favorite 3* and he is so much fun to play with so I really hope I get Bera!!


Did SG mention why Frigg is nerfed?

To be honest I’m a bit tired of this summon-minions era. They create a lot of clutter and make the battles slower.

I’m glad to see new stuff they are trying out, like: shields, stealing buffs, strong but random hits (Bjorn), hits with strange patterns (Jabber, Finley, etc), messing up opponent’s setup (Cat), color switching/making weak to a strong colour.

But I honestly hope they will follow with enthusiasm on this diversity. Seeing so much minions everywhere is a bit boring.

I wouldn’t mind heroes casting atlantis-style battlewide conditions (both for you and your opponent), like poison or dense fog for everyone, which would bring some new tactics.

Wouldn’t mind to see Atlantis special stages in wars, too. Maybe except underwater as it’s targeted at one type of heroes in particular and it would be quite unfair to alliances with red tanks.


No, but they hardly ever explain their reasoning for any changes in Beta.

I can’t recall them ever explaining a balance change in Beta for a Hero in particular.

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Why? Is she OP before?

The part I hate when Telly cast more than once. Slow moving minions…

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I have no greater insight than when I last replied in the comment directly above yours. :wink:



This is a sign of someone who thinks they are good. People who think they are good do that all the time.

Well I can’t see anything useful from her after the buff got removed apart that she is the first Green 5 star Def Down Hero.
And the def down is very low. You need 6 Green puzzle on board to make it 32% def down which is unlikely to be happened after you cascading 9 puzzles to charge her up.

Emblemed Buddy seems like still can replace her.

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I needs 7 green tiles to beat Buddy’s ailment. With the green tiles needed to charge her skill, there would be too few green tiles left…

Nice… this is what i want to see in these beta-beat hero-related threads… lots of green and red highlighted info… hopefully means they’re really listening to testers!

(Yes I know, some of it in this case is a name/minion type change lol, but still…)

Evelyn is also def down I think 5 star green…

No, Evelyn is elemental defense down not regular def down. They are different and stackable.


Frigg sounds un-frigg-inbelievable if shes really fast speed

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