🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

A lot of very exciting costumes here, very nice to see. Can we just be sure that Leo has 4 turns like marj please… he’s slower then her and 3 turns on titans is good but 4 is great, thanks!


Interesting Leonidas and Marjana :face_with_monocle:
Leonidas with troop mana lvl5 become fast defdown element to 3 is devasting… and he hit hard, so if after fired by jackal, it can be 1-2 KO, plus the 2 will left with yellow def defdown… very great additional mono or 3-2 stack.
And there are many Seshat/Jaberwock/Killhare wings defenses on raid, all dark will -34% attack is significant.

Marjana well,… so so so great. :muscle:


One thing to notice about Leonidas holy def down is that is only applicable to dark heroes. So it could work against a heavy dark team or in events/quest/maps. However where he shines is against purple titans.

Nevermind i re read. The only thing only applicable to dark is the atk down


C. Obakan, on paper, should do about 9% more damage than a comparable Kadilen, in terms of specials.

Realistically I think the 60% riposte needs fixed on all heroes. 80-90% riposte would probably be very nice for C. Obakan, C. Boril, and C. Cyprian.

C. Cyprian, however, should have been made into a sniper with an Elena riposte on only himself. 300% to a single target type of damage. To this end, normal Obakan would also benefit tremendously from a similar buff to his riposte, or more focused damage.

The higher percentages of damage on riposte do seem more fun to play, imo, than the lower percentages. Focused damage has much more utility than damage to all in general as well. It would be nice to have a variety of riposte heroes at different speeds, and I think having fast Obakan fills a pretty big hole.


Wow for Leo, Marjana and Thorne, just wow

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i am talking about the inconsistency of the number of turns. his damage output is very good but not op (he does MINOR damage to nearby.

my list is based on hero rarity

Only good thing about Wu Kong is better stats in the base version once the costume is maxed. Lacking the other major attack buffers Wu is still my titan “guy” so this will help a little bit.

Kelile is going to be monstrous in 4* tournaments! Riposte are often tanks and she’ll just destroy them.

It would be fantastic to get the Leo and Marjana costumes. I won’t retire Jackal but won’t miss Falcon especially as Marjana is fast mana. Three years playing and still don’t have Marjana (Magni showed for first time last week from HA10 so there is hope).

Very pleased the last batch of costumes are coming. Some are HUGE disappointments but at the moment my attention is on the ones that make me smile. Hope they come this month but suppose this is really a November time frame.


WTF Wukong costume?!!

Hey… Wukong just has not any interesting effect. Make his skills like a “mini” skill of Miki or Tarlak. Increased damage applied only for normal hit and conditioned to do effect if attacker has low Hp than target.


Love love love Leo, Marj, and Thorne. All super strong.

I actually disagree with the first few comments saying to rework Khagan. This game hasn’t seen a slow sniper yet and i think it would be very interesting to see! Though, to compensate for being a slow sniper, I think it needs to be hands down DEVASTATING and it should be much more than the strongest fast and average snipers.

514% is not enough. If Thorne can do 540%, then I would love to see a 575% or even a 600% slow sniper. It would be a hero we have not seen yet in this game and could be really fun!


They doctor and doctor and doctor on Khagan but with his slow, he will always be…just Khagan!
There is no excuse whatsoever to have him on slow and as long as he is he will be obsolete in this fast meta (look at the ninjas now, then all other sniper with same damage are fast…)

I’m mostly interested in 4*, because, let’s be real… I’ve got just one 5* costume, ever - Horghall. And I see some really interesting designs - Chao, Kelile, Gormek, Grimm, Sabina… For the last 3 it’s cool to get those stats boost and that they can become fast effectively. 9 tiles to charge regular Grimm with more health and defence (and already high tile dmg)? Yes, thank you. Gormek also can have crazy 5* stats with emblems and be charged in 9 tiles. With minions all around, very nice concept.

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I agree, but if he is going to stay slow, may as well make him more unique and interesting. The proposed changes that others have said earlier in this thread will just make him too similar to other heroes.

Make him the beefiest hitter around with that slow speed! He would definitely make for an interesting hero in fast tourneys and wars!

I’ve read just the costumes of heroes i currently have maxed and use quite often in various scenarios and, apart from Chao (i would love so much to have Onatel someday, a mini Onatel with a bird ( :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:) is quite welcomed), they are all somehow disappointing. Thorne, Colen, Cyprian, Graymane, Jahangir, Kailani: nothing too much inspired.
Sabina, with a bit more healing, would be awesome. Ulmer is nice, if paired with C.Gunnar/Nordri.
Wu Kong… a 4* version of Miki/Tarlak was maybe too much to hope for? That’s just a drastic change, i don’t know what to think.
At least the stat bonus will be very much appreciated, if i will ever get to pull them.

Is there some design particularly interesting?

So chao kelile and Thorne are all interesting. I felt like most of the others were totally lack luster. Anyone else feel like the set as a whole was kinda a bust?

Leo, too. 5* Jackal? Yes plz.

Considering that I never got lucky with Guardian summoning, getting a Leo or Marjana costume will help with elemental defense down which is something that I am missing for my titan teams. So I would add those to the more interesting pile. Gormek as a tiny solution to deal with Telluria-based teams, or minion teams in general is nice as well.

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If Leo and Marj are average and fast speed, respectively, then why in the hell do they have almost identical abilities (with Marj even having an extra turn for the two addition abilities?!)

An extra 32% damage does not make the difference between an average and fast hero.

I think a better change would be to make Leo hit 320% damage to target and nearby heroes (no minor damage) or boost it to like 435%

Marj is the obvious instant max - falcon’s major weakness is his awful tile damage (in fact, same problem goes for BK/BT and Wilbur/Gormek) in a colour that’s already light on tile damage in titan setups.

Leo looks great all round - Jackal still has huge tile damage though and might just edge it on titans, especially with less emblems required… But Leo would definitely get the darts ASAP.

Not planning to pull hard any time soon, but if I score anything new I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

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Ice?? These must be a typo?? :thinking:

Anyway, she sounds awesome! :cupid:

Edit: Forget it. My bad english sometimes.

What’s interesting with this, is that combined with J-F’s special, Finley and Vela (original) are no longer threats. Assuming that you get the tiles to fire first. Bonus, you’ll get a defense up out of it with minimal damage. Plus, her burn damage no longer conflicts with J-F’s. If I get her costume, it gives a reason to up the rest of my duplicates.

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