🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

Same here. Not only on offense against blue flanks bu tthis type of mixed debuffs actually makes her an intriguing war tank candidate too IMO, perhaps even better than GM. Her defense is on the low side but nothing that can’t be fixed by emblems. On the upside her HP is already high, and if she fires first she could survive long enough to fire again and again. I’m not saying she’ll be great but could be a pretty good option.

Yeah I like the idea of a fast mana attack down.

Really wish they came out this month, next month is going to be nuts with the summons. New costumes, Christmas summons, ninja’s are back, and Loki which I’m personally stoked about. I feel bad for bank accounts.


Me too. I’ve finally saved enough gems for a 10x, and now we must wait weeks for the next Costume Chamber. :sweat_smile:

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Kingston or Zeline maybe?

A thousand times this.
sleeping on costumed average mana heroes is just silly. :laughing:

I hope you get 10 5*’s to reward your patience

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@Goblue333, @SamMe, me too. I will have enough gems to summon 30x in the next Costume Event. Masquerade and Grimmforest are my favorites. :partying_face:


So now with version 33 out, does that mean round 3 of costumes is confirmed for December costume portal?

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and another 20 yes

I can’t wait. I have way more keys than any other resource.

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I’ve saved up 48 keys so that I can possibly pull some new costumes.

I really hope they do NOT release the new costumes this month. They still haven’t fixed Khagan’s costume, and I don’t think a slow sniper is a good solution for him. Also, it seems they still don’t know what to do with Wu Kong’s costume, and why can’t Dawa be identical to Bjorn’s special, for at least the second hit.

I would much rather sG take the time to get all of these costumes right, and then take our money in January😂. Between the Knights of Avalon, Christmas, Ninja, and Valhalla(Lord Loki), sG has plenty of opportunities to get money out of us. Rushing the costumes would be a mistake.


They are okay… You cant expect every costume to substitute heroes from every portal :wink:

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Yeah, but I don’t think a hero should be left out just because they’re too impatient to release the 3rd and final wave of costumes for season 1 hero’s.

Considering, these costumes where designed to help the old season 1’s catch up with the power creep, I don’t think it is a good idea to release a ‘meh’ costume on a definitely ‘meh’ season one 5 star like Khagan. He needs more than a ‘meh’ upgrade to even come close to catching up with the bottom of the current META.


His hit 3 Vanilla option will be really strong with costume bonus.

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They could scale the damage percentage back enough to make his damage not OP, but stout, like it should be.

some already all in the gems for krampus…i am just gonna all in my gems for c.Marjana…May luck be with me…

Miki - blue - mana control via silence…

Anything announced or known regarding who will be featured this month. I will decide where to spend gems between Ninja or Costume portal based on this information, ty