🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

I like it. This would shake things up for sure. Great idea. Would certainly break the monotony and take me out of the boredom I am starting to experience with the game.


What speed is panther again?

Lol. No. Not even close. I have her, I use her regularly, but I’d love to have any one of a half dozen better reds to replace her (outside of costume). If I do get the costume that’ll change, but that’s a really slim chance.


Guardian panther is fast :heart_eyes::purple_heart:

Great idea! Never thought of how useful they’d be as a different color. Not very many great holy Heroes


We are talking about costume Marjana, not vanilla… you cant have that yet…

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I dunno how you guys are playing
but im in top 20 ally, we kill daily 14* titan, im monthly ranked in top 1000 on every difficulty on every events

3 turns for fire def down might be enough for raids, but not for titan
and obviously we all wanted a 5* fire def down to replace falcon, now we have it but he only do it for 3 turns, thats too low, it means we ll need to use much more mana pots to keep fire def down active

and not to mention mythic titan are coming soon
4 turns for fire def down is very important imo
all other elemental def down heroes last 4 turns too no matter their mana speed
Evelyn and panther are both fast too so thats not a good reason for marjana to be nerfed at 3 turns
I d rather reduce her damage or maybe remove her attack down to keep that 1 turn on fire def down

but of course for soemone not playing high level on every aspect of the game they might not need that


You are underestimating the fact that Costume Marijana will have an additional 5% stat boost compare to the other hero’s you listed.

She is good now anything further will be OP

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It’s still be less mana pots than charging falcon so no I’m fine with 3 turns and keeping the direct damage.

We don’t struggle to kill green titans as of now, we won’t neither with marjana and I prefer her to be more useful and deadly in raids/wars than gaining 1 turn on titans.

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Charging with mana pots does not depend on mana speed. It is 4 minor mana or 2 regular mana to charge a hero…whether he is very fast or very slow does not make any difference.

But you need less mana potions because you charge some with tiles and fast heroes fills mana bar faster than avarge.
So you need less for next use so you can do it more during one attack.
I am pretty sure he means that.


Yes exactly what I what I meant by that :wink:

Oooh! Justice is finally getting a costume! The one season 1 hero i don’t have… i hope to get lucky and summon her next month!


Thorne looks decent. He will hit hard and then charge up faster and then hit hard again. Looking forward to that.

Marjana is fast and does elemental def down for 3 enemies + elemental defense up with a huge percentage. Not mentioning damage + costume bonus. Asking for 4 turns is insanity. It’s a miracle she’s actually good and was redone since 95% of this final round costumes were a crazy lazy work. Arguing about Mana speed/potions on titan is also insanity since Miki is one of the best suited heroes for titans and is slow.

She’s good enough, there’s enough too strong heroes for p2w people avaible in other portals to chase for.

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Marjana doesn’t get defense up. She does attack down to ice only, like Vela used to. Still powerful, no doubt, but as many here have said, would take a decrease to stats or damage for that extra turn and be happy about it.

A faster and better guardian owl, in which why don’t they just buff owl like that in the first place? A waste of a costume space I might add


Oh ouch!!! Somehow I wiped it from my mind while writing! Thanks for the correction!!! ^^"

Speaking strictly for Rush wars and Rush Raid tournaments Owl is better .
%280 + % 50 per dead ally for Owl
%240 + % 50 per dead ally for Justice C

Outside of that I would never use Justice .


The new outfits look good in general, it will give S1 heroes a survival …

Problem is Guardian owl has terrible attack, which is why he has that powerful skill attack. Max emblemed attack path owl doesn’t even reach 700 attack. C Justice already reaches 700 attack without emblems and being wizard she can further boost her attack with jinx. Plus she can further boost her mana speed. When C justice arrives, there is absolutely no reason to use owl anymore


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