🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

There was feedback about the lack of creativity but SGG have been reluctant to completely overhaul a costume entirely…

The exception to that was Wu Kong which was met with supreme dislike & hatred & negative feedback… the new version is still not well loved… most people say that he should stay true to the Titan/ Tile Damage boosting role & become a mini version of Miki / Tarlak… Getting say +80% normal attack (or something) with no miss chance.


That would be fantastic.

I don’t like Wu Kong. He was one of the first 4* heroes I got and I haven’t maxed him yet (don’t kill me :sweat_smile:). I don’t care stealing his ability with the Mad Hatter, but his probability to fail desperate me. If he had the same Miki’s special as you suggested, then I wouldn’t think twice in maximizing him.

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Wu Kong costume special will be 10% damage and 100000% accuracy.


I’m so sorry for the energy used by testers that is constantly threw away. I wonder which point they see in making exactly the same heroes lol it’s unbelievable.

Gormek became a copy of other hero and Wu Kong is also a rip-off from Easter event, but at least they’re different.

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I am looking forward to pull Wu Kong costume but just for the sake of 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% HP, and 5% mana generation bonus.


Name changed… :sweat_smile:Change Stance > Quit Gambling ? Because C Wu’s special skill is not related to gambling anymore ?

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Would be interesting to have Wu Kong’s costume do a large amount of damage with a high chance to miss. Would stick to the gambling aspect and potentially be useful depending on the numbers. But ya, I just want 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% health, and 5% mana regen. Nothing else needed, but he’s certainly a character they could do something fun with.

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Would Costume Kailani’s +50% Attack stack with Brienne’s berserker attack boost, or do they replace each other? I don’t think I’ve tried before

Usually, they replace each other.

It’s about the Money Money Money. We really need your Money Money Money. We just wanna make lots of Money… Let’s increase the price tags

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Yeah wish they maintained wu-kong as a titan specialist.
Wonder if they will make s2 costumes when theyre done with s1.
Oh man, too many summons :joy:
I wanna get c.leo and c.marj :triumph:

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I suspect someone noticed that adding direct damage to Margaret was popular and thought the same would work for Wu Kong. Well, it’s one theory I suppose, but no, it doesn’t.

Anyway, if I get Wu’s costume I’ll max it for the stats, so it won’t go to waste. Although I have Miki and Tarlak he still has his (very occasional) uses.

a way to keep him an hated gambler was give him 400% of damage to everybody with 50% of accuracy!

Got it, thanks.
It’s not just a matter of lack of creativity, i think. It’s about “balance” between heroes too.
Healers, who were already good heroes, got a new set of abilities that made them even better.
Caedmon/Sonya are a two-in-one heroes: you can choose original or costume for the purpose you need. The same goes for the other 4* of this round of costumes, they offer you a choice. Even with BT or Joon, you can choose if you prefer a better healing/direct damage or you need a better secondary effect.
Then you have Colen and you have the luxury of choosing between fire damage and fire damage :expressionless:
With costumes they had a chance to give new life to widely underused heroes and are completely missing it. The simple boost, even though is welcomed, will not be enough.


This holds water…

They would earn extra money if costume heroes would be more dynamic like some examples are…People would be more inclined to chase specific 4* heroes as well

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The reason to met too much negative feedback for wukong is people had too many expectation for wukong as mini tarlark/miki.

Only great 4* hero who can burst titan is wukong, with costume we thought lower “burst” but without miss chance.

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And until that happens, the costume’s special, even the second version, is going to keep getting negative feedback. People use Wu Kong for Titan hits, and Miki and Tarlak gave such a convenient template for what Wu Kong’s costume could have been.

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Wu looks like the first costume so far that I’ll probably never, ever, use. Not situationally in certain tourneys. Not as expendable fodder in early Tavern/Tower stages. Not war cleanups, Epic event teams, class trials, or even farming. I’ll max it for the costume bonus on the og version and that’s it.

Very disappointing that the company can’t or won’t see the desire for more than a basic titan specialist among the FTP/CTP crowd - since every good one is still locked behind pay walls (including the Tavern for the very best among them) i don’t think we’re wrong to deduce that it’s absolutely intentional.


If they do decide to do costumes for S2, I would love to know the reason. Nothing necessarily against it, but I was on the belief that costumes were started up to help buff the S1 heroes, since it was slowly becoming more noticeable that S1 heroes are starting to feel pretty obsolete, against S3 heroes, some of the newer event heroes (notably the Challenge Event) and some of the newer HOTM having innate resistances and abilities and special skills that would be pretty hard to deal with with only S1 heroes. Even the legendaries from TC20 probably didn’t feel enough.

I was thinking the costume bonus was equal to the family bonuses to a degree.


Any information yet regarding New Costumes’ this month’s release? I will decide on pulls based on this information, many thanks in advance

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