🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

marjana need to be changed
4 turns for elemental debuff is mandatory
and make her dmg something like ruben 215% on target and nearby


No never stop doing next evelyn/panther hero. Something different is better.

marjana C is here for her elemental debuff, so she needs to do it for 4 turns
any other skills or dmg are not important

we can have different heroes with other upcoming heroes like ruben and some future red 5*, but we wont see another 5* fire debuff


3 turns is fine for the raid purposes considering the damages.

For titans it’s not really an issue as she is fast and you can compensate with mana pots if needed.

I don’t see any issue there.


A somewhat interesting idea. I wouldn’t mind a hero that got an interesting crit buff increase, like with Melia, Ares, and Gregorian (though his, for some reason, looks like it should increase per turn or something. the arrow’s unnecessary). But I still wish he had something else. It doesn’t have to be my suggestion (as preferable as it was, since it’d be the only time I’d experience what some of the luckier players have.

The class change, I don’t mind as much either. If the only reason they made him a paladin was because they planned to do the “base is attack, so costume is defense. vice versa with others” (which explains Ulmer and Valen getting attack buffs), cool, but there’s already heroes that handle that FAR better.

The change of his special to be equal to an Easter hero is kinda embarrassing too. For Jack, it works because that’s kinda the theme of those heroes (and why I’ve changed tune about them being disgustingly pointless since they’d end up dying after use) and he’s fast. As you mentioned, it’s not as “fitting” with an average mana hero whose damage is basically expected of other average mana heroes.

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Very interesting idea you got there i give you that. But i think this double thing would enable some really broken combos. Imagine a doubled Black Kinght or Inari basically instant immunity to specials. A doubled Aegir would be insanely hard to defeat. Imagine a doubled Alberich or Ariels mana buff. So as an offensive hero your Wu is really good and interesting as its upside is balanced by the miss chance like the original wu, but this skill would make defensive skills way too overpowered.

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Good points to consider, 100% damage reduction from BK and a 100% resurrection chance from mother north is going to break the meta. But I think the balance here is timing and different typing. Maybe a change to offensive buffs might help balance it. So the text should be something like this…

  • all allies doubles any positive effect chances with -35% accuracy for 4 turns. (This buff only applies to attack orientated effects and offensive skills) and chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills

So the only effect chances that can be altered by this buff are…

  • crit chance
  • chainstrike (misandra)
  • bypassing of buffs (applies to ranger talent as well)
  • jinx (wizard talent)
  • bleed (barbarian talent)

Well, what about turning Wu into an enemy debuffer?

For example:

All enemies get -54/64% defence
All enemies get 15/25% Chance to dodge attack

Numbers to be optimized :wink:


I agree,… please yellow doesn’t have defdown except White Rabbit (event hero hard to get).
It is also okay if we add more risk, example with counter attack, just like Ninja heroes.

  • All enemies get -54/64% defence
  • All enemies get 15/25% Chance to dodge attack
  • All enemies get 15% Chance to counter attack with 10% of damage received

Vivica Costume…

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Beta Update

All costumes have returned for testing in V33.5 of beta.

Staff have indicated this is the final round of testing before update so it is possible these new costumes will go live in the November Quest.


Not seeing any changes in the OP, @Guvnor. Were none made, or have you just not had time to update yet? If it’s the latter, no worries. Just curious, as I’ve been saving gems for a lot (for FTP) of costume pulls, so I’m watching these carefully.


Thanks for the update, keeping my fingers crossed!

yes please! my gems are waiting!

No changes :slight_smile:

Name change for C- Wu special skill but everything is same same.


sad news :frowning:

hopefully some would get buffed and not forgotten about in the next balance update

Wouldn’t hold my breath

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Can’t wait to see some new costumes. Specially the remaining 4*s.

Wu Kong being a paladin is really a shame but maybe it fits on his defense ailment. I would prefer +46% of critical chance for 3 turns (all allies) only instead of that Easter hero copy, but it’s okay.

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I’m curious about what’s been the feedback in beta about those costumes which are identical to the original card, with just a different percentage of damage (there’s been a feedback?). No complaints? No suggestions? No explanations from devs on why they didn’t think of something else?

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We’re looking right at you Colen. You better come correct with your wardrobe change at least…

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