🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

My thoughts on the costumes with an initial grading (A/B/C):

Justice: C. She looks like a come from behind hero dealing damage to all, increased if allies are dead, and extra mana generation to fire again. Maybe she could be annoying in a field aid war if she’s in the corner? In most cases I’ll keep using her regular version as I don’t like to plan to have to come from behind with a subpar hero.

Khagan: C. All ally buffs from a slow hero do not excite me too much. I like Guv’s thoughts about a complete change to the costume. Maybe he could be a titan hero where you mana pot him immediately for the defense and mana buff, but neither are large enough for me to want to do that when I can just use Wilbur.

Leo: A. Elemental defense down are rare as is, and can always be used. I’ve been keeping Leo on the bench more often for Costumed/Emblemed Li. I would quickly put Leo back in over her if I got his costume. I’d put this in the top 5 of all 5 star costumes. It takes a hero I generally don’t use and makes him very useful.

Marjana: A+. Elemental defense down at fast speed and decent damage will be very welcomed by many. I can’t imagine anyone will use Falcon over her.

Obakan: C: I don’t get the design of the 60% counterattack heroes. Perhaps it’s to compensate for protecting everyone, but it’s just not enough to deter an enemy for me. If it’s regular Boril, I’ll attack the Wings first. If it’s costume, I don’t care about the counterattack. I’m f2p so I don’t have many alternatives so I do use Obakan from time to time. I’ll take his costume to make him better. In a world of Fast mana, he’s severely underpowered. Perhaps all fast heroes should be designed like him so speed wasn’t so prevalent

Thorne: C: let’s keep describing him as useless, but when he hits, he hits like a truck. He’s an unexciting hero who was not necessarily upgraded.

5 star summary: It seems like the better the hero is in their normal usage, the better a costume that hero got. Marjana has the best costume of the bunch by far. The other heroes are ignored by many and other than Leo, I’m not sure any will make a comeback due to their costume.

Chao: A. I love the Onatel mana steal. I’ve even been using Renfield in class trials just for that special skill. He won’t mana up as quickly as it’s only one target, but this I’ll be using Chao more than my costume Li.

Colen: B-. Basically the same as the default version.

Cyprian: C. Couldn’t have said it any better.

Grimm: B. An attack boost and a higher % damage. This probably helps if you want to use multiple Grimms on one team, but I’d still rather use the defense down default version in most cases.

Gormek: B if you have trouble with minions, C otherwise. Basically Gobler. Against other 4 stars this isn’t super helpful, but as a red hero, he can help against Telly. This version will work better with Wilbur rather than having two heroes provide defense down.

Hu Tao: B+. Not enough to make him a top four star, but I’ll take this version over his default.

Kelile: A.

That’s a lot of damage in 2 turns at fast mana. Even 300 would make her great. I’d probably still take her over Colen even if she went down to 200 over 2 turns. Just please don’t make her target and nearby.

Sabina: A-. I’m not sure she’ll replace C-Rigard.

I don’t agree that they should necessarily have the same HoT. I would say Mel should have higher HoT than Rigard given his secondary effect isn’t as valuable to me. I do think Sabina’s is low enough that I won’t use her over C-Rigard. If they were even, I’m still not sure she wins.

Scarlett: B. I don’t love the costume other than the rebalanced stats. I do like poison damage in a red stack. Her and Kelile will put some pressure on the enemy.
Dave has a great summary on her costume.

Wu: B?, I like sticking with Wu as a big wildcard. If Wu was very fast, the defense and status ailments would be nice. At average, by the time he fires, I’m coming from behind. Less mana and less attack don’t help that. Maybe you can use two Wus? One to buff defense and one to buff attack.

4 star summary: These are the costumes I may actually get. I already use Chao and Sabina and will hope for their costumes to continue to use those two. Kelile will become an emblem priority if I got her costume. Gormek is lower on my list, but a costume will make him higher in the rotation for me. I’ve been saving a second Cyrprian for months hoping he’d have a good costume. If this is it, I’ll feed him away and open up space.

Dawa: B-. She just won’t replace Bane for me.

Gan Ju: B-. See Dawa comments.

Graymane: C. Won’t use.

Jahangir: B. He gets used in challenge events and this will help.

Kailani: C. I guess this is similar to her current costume, but I only use her for 3 star rush tournaments with no purple.

^good question

Nashgar: C. basically the same as his default.

Oberon: A. This is a huge upgrade. For 3 stars without much HP, 324 is a lot of damage to take on, especially in a rush tournament.

Ulmer: A. I’ve used him less as I’ve used C-Gunnar more, but this is a good pairing. Use both and you have defense down and attack up. Good 1-2 with a blue stack that will also have Nordi.

Valen: A. Similar to Ulmer this helps him not overlap with C-Gunnar.

3 star summary: Valen, Ulmer, and Oberon are nice, but the others are useless to me.

In general I love costumes. They’re relatively easily attainable and boost heroes in new ways.


I’ve not yet gotten to them yet, no. I will as I get more chances to play later :slight_smile:

So far I’ve tested Scarlett who I’m completely enamoured with.

I’ve also tested Thorne+CB and cThorne. With costume bonus, he’s also amazing, I’m using him with a level 16 mana troop and he’s basically a fast and much bulkier Lepus. With costume equipped, he becomes the strongest sniper period and again it’s not hard to make him charge in 9 tiles.

The others I’ve tested are Wu Kong, Kailani and Dawa. Wu Kong and Kailani… well they disappoint me tbh. Dawa’s costume makes her a yellow Bjorn (with lower damage though) but it’s a good costume and improvement to her nonetheless. Should be fun for Pirates.


So, better wait and not ascend Lepus for now, because Thorne+CB will hits like a truck too (but without a drawback)?

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Finally some love for thorne :heart: and its not that hard to get a mana troop to lvl 16, not a piece of cake neither. Now i only need to pull his costume lol.
Do you prefer costume thorne or thorne +CB


I was thinking I’d still rather have any blue Fast 5 star sniper (Magni, Alice, Alasie). Do you think Thorne might replace some of those?

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Up to you, depends if you want to pull for Thorne.

Something to keep in mind is you do need a mana troop on Thorne+cb or cThorne (both are good) to make them charge in 9 tiles.

Lepus, you can charge in 8 tiles and give him a different troop. Whether that’s a crit or ninja troop, but he’ll be fast no matter what.

I don’t really know whether Thorne+CB will be definitively better than Lepus for that reason. My guess is for defense yes, but not sure on offense (Lepus is probably going to be prefered since Ninja troops are a thing now).

So far I prefer using the ultimate sniper Sorcerer Thorne on offense. I’m going to try putting him on wing for defense, but I have a feeling he’s going to get baited by Mitsukos.


Just my initial thoughts, need more testing. Gormek is just a sturdier version of Gobbler, will be pretty useful in the upcoming Undead Horde war buff. Btw, Kelile is quite strong. A maxed cKelile does 392 damage over 2 turns which can’t be dipelled. Compare that with JF, who does 302 burn damage over 2 turns and can be dispelled. Ofcourse, Kelile does not have all the secondary effects of JF.


Maybe, I like costumes.
And who is better for you - Thorne or Richard (both with costumes)?

He lose C.Magni synergy there. C.Magni is better with Hit-3 heroes.

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Im not sure if im a fan of the way SG handled Kelile costume. I mean, why taking JF path? I would rather sg added a dispel or something unique.

Please , i dont want to importunate, but once you have tested more new epics id love a mini review. Im interested in hearing about the new Chao too

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I don’t have Richard, so no comment from me on him.

I have Thorne currently in my roster with emblems, and personally I always bring him in wars. I think he’s one of the most underrated 5* heroes, his damage is pretty devastating.

Right now I really like the ultimate finishing sniper as his mana buff is undispellable and that means he can’t be slowed down by Telluria. However, you have a good point that cMagni + Thorne+CB would be better synergy. Both have their merits to me right now.

Hmm… Stats wise Thorne with costume ends up being much more durable which is always a good thing to avoid your defense team being exploited by Wilbur. He also hits harder than all of those, albeit he does lack a notable secondary effect (somewhat off-set by the fact that what he hits is usually dead). cThorne getting undispellable mana buff is ok for defense, personally I think it’s better on offense again to avoid being slowed down by Telluria.

Problems mostly for Thorne is he is average speed, meaning he does require that mana troop to make him viable on defense teams. The others can use a ninja troop and still charge quickly (and a ninja troop having a chance to bypass Mitsuko’s buff is obviously very good).

Thorne also needs Paladin emblems, which means Thorne would compete with Telluria and Heimdall for those if alliances are still predominantly using them as their tank for wars.

So really I think it depends on what your defense looks like and what your options would be. If you have Telluria or Heimdall tanking, probably best to use one of the other ones.

But, either way, I won’t say no to another strong blue 5* :stuck_out_tongue: Even with green tanks being the meta now, I still find myself stacking that color because cSonya is just so good at deterring Telluria + DoT co.


Well, that’s unfortunate, about Wu Kong’s costume. I was expecting either the buff to be like Ranvir’s (heightened attack w/ reduced accuracy only when HP is higher than attacker) or Tarlak’s/Miki’s (normal attacks are increased significantly). He doesn’t even have Shared Link to make use of increased defense.

Ulmer’s special skill makes me think he’d blind enemies rather than buff attack with allies. Similarly, why… is Valen… increasing attack too? I’m not saying people wouldn’t use his costume, but this definitely makes his base more worthy of use.

Aside from a few of these, some of these costumes are gonna be treated like Skittleskull, who I’m probably still debating on dumping, even with his costume. He’s never gonna live long enough to be of use outside trials, where I wait for another offensive sorcerer, rogue, or wizard to replace him entirely.

Kelile MUST dispel

20 chars

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Would love to see one of these reworked as an elemental defense drop


i am surprisingly disappointed by most of the costumes

the second costume batch had better specials overall
this one has many underwhelming/unless specials

Leo: why the elemental defense down and attack down are 3 turns? it should be 4

obakan: very underwhelming even if his counter attack is applied to all instead of nearby. his costume is worse than the original version.

sabina: why her healing lower than rigard and melendor costumes?

wu Kong: why? just why? :frowning:

dawa: clearly a much worse version of bjorn. just make her hit two more random enemies if you don’t want to change her much

Jahangir: worse version than the original

Kailani: much worse than the original. why not give her buff all alies like original brienne and let them all share damage

Nashgar: worse version than the original

the rest are ok to great

hopefully the underwhelming ones get changed


I never tought I would say this, but… Man, would like to have that Dawa :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Marj attack increase makes her a true red sniper. That’s a major move.

Wu Kong’s helps survive an awful board. You don’t need attack and Mana anyway because all the matches are garbage. 70%+ defense is huge in that case.

Thorne still sucks. Can’t wait to get 5 useless Thorne costumes.

Lol. I also read this thread and compare it with Bjorn. She is really a queen by herself.


Why do I think Khagan is still unloved! and then Justice.?

Would have loved to see a red dispeller or cleanser in Kellie’s costume .

Wu…negative effects, Again? …well that nails it for that dude🙁… I hope he can still be redeemed anyway, maybe blot out one of the 2 negative effects!

Anyway, Leo and Marj are so welcome as presented! And now I can hopefully ascend Thorne but I still wish the costume version hits three, slightly lower damage with the secondary effect.

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Leo is on top of your critique yet he is arguably strongest hero of the batch and borderline 1 man army broken.

With Leo my argument is rather, why would you use normal Leo skill with costume bonus when costume is 300% strenght?

I believe some normal heroes should get skills adjusted a tad to be an alternative option to costume specials. Leo is I guess best and worse example in one :slight_smile:

I wish Kelile was 5 *. Fully emblemed, with a high level of Troops, fast burn damage that can’t be cleansed is very good for defense teams.

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