🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

Not really. Yeah, it’s a high risk - high reward attack strategy. With good initial boards, the defending enemy is toast in just a few turns. With bad boards, that is where mastery on tile movement and manipulation comes in. Since the probability of gaining and matching favorable tiles is at 20%, those players using mono and able to overcome with initial bad boards more often than not are people who have a lot of smarts in them since they are able to see some tile moves that would eliminate the most unfavorable tiles in anticipation of them being replaced with favorable tiles, making diamond and dragon tiles. I have several instances where cascades have filled my mana twice over while killing or maiming enemy heroes. I am not saying those that do not use or advocate mono are not smart, I just think that mono users are a lot smarter as they have higher level of tile movement mastery, use their heroes’ skills to their advantage, optimize the total tile damage against the enemy hero, take full advantage of the Element Links, especially if you have more than 1 HOTMs with distinct E.L.s. I do agree that mono is not for everyone. It takes a lot of practice using and mastering it.

All i am saying is having 2 modes of killing the enemy heroes (tiles and skills) is far better than only relying on heroes’ skills alone.

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Welp I guess my brain is too plebeian for mono then :man_shrugging:

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He is not a friend, mono in 90% of the cases, you already know if you will lose or win, it is a style of play that totally relies on the starting board and whoever says the opposite is because he wants to appear or play a good player.

After looking at all these, I figured it out:

Buff telluria to her original strength, then make costume Dawa only have 1 skill: kill Telluria.

Then we’d be getting somewhere!


Ooh ooh–And then Costume Graymane turns a target into Telluria! One-two combo! :smiley:


Personally, I think the costures are ready to be released. After Sabina was buffed like she needed to be on pair with other 4* healers, Obakan, Kelile, Marjana and some 3*s were needing corrections and they already got’em as well.

November? I hope so. I think.
December? Doubt they will leave december without new costumes since people will be there pulling as gifts and buying the offers. That’s why they won’t be dumb enough to release them in January, I believe. They have very nice moves to earn profit, doubt they’ll skip this one with xmas. I hugely doubt they took all this time to build the final costumes for not releasing them in a good time for +$$$.

Offtopic: that’s why (I think) December hero is going to be (maybe) the weakest HOTM of the year. Almost “everyone” will pull him. Could not find any other reason for Reuben being so underwhelming on purpose.

I think it will be November as well. The first 1/3 of Costumes were released November of last year, with the second third 6 months later. And they don’t have to release a new version, the art can be downloaded in game.


Costume Chao sounds awesome though, fast onatel although it sucks that he only hits one target. I can see him as a strong anti tank

I thinking hitting 3 would be overkill for a fast 4* compared to an average 5*. I have a few Chaos waiting around, so I’d love to get this costume.

It makes me change my mind on eating my second that’s been at 3/60 for months.

Because Bai is hungry.

Why is Wu Kong’s costume drastically different from it’s original? And a slower but harder hitting jack o hare for some reason. Even before the revision his skills are all over the place. Should be luck based since Wu is already based on luck.


My Wu Kong’s costume

  • all allies gets +25% crit chance for 4 turns

  • all allies doubles any positive effect chances with -35% accuracy for 4 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills

  • (he becomes barbarian)

With this new mechanic, the 25% crit chance doubles immediately and any buff or effect that has RNG factored into it like dodge. This also applies to talent effects.
And because he is barbarian, he gets a 60% chance to bleed the target, on top of that 50% crit chance. But this is all balanced by the 35% accuracy drop


I really don’t understand why Marijana and Leonidas is designed to have highest Attack values in the game with minor damage to near by allies.

They even have higher attack values than Captain Kessler whose special is designed to be one of the highest in minor damage to near by allies.

I think Marijana and Leonidas attack values must be reduced greatly. Their attacks shall be around 230%

because they are on par with other heros new they should be nerfed?

they are considered new heros. and are strong as they should.

kastrel does the same damage to ALL 3 targets between 215% - 335%. no “minor damage to nearby” like leo and marjana.

it is balanced for this fact


One of the best 3 hero hitter in game : Drake
He hits 270% damage

Again Captain Kessler ( whose designed to be the highest 3 hitter in game ) hits up to 335% when enemy mana is full

And you introduce 2 hero’s that hit way way above the rest.

And you call this Balanced ?

This will break game balance completely.

If I understand your concern right, the high attack with the high special % is the issue. There is Sargasso who hits for 385% and minor damage to nearby ennemies. I don‘t see why C.Marjana and C.Leo would „break“ the game damage wise. Khagan hits 360% on 3 with high attack stats aswell. I don‘t see anyone of those breaking the game and they have been around for a while.

This ^

270 to 3 targets is on par/better than with 360 to one target and minor damage to nearby (ie half to nearby) it’s just the distribution of damage is different.

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there are two types of specials that does damage 3 targets

1- specials that does high damage to the target and MINOR damage to nearby (basically simi-sniper to the main target and small damage to nearby) like Thorne, Richard, hatter,… etc

2- specials that does the same damage to ALL 3 targets (usually 60% of the usual sniper damage but to 3 targets) like drake, kastrel,… etc

both types do similar overall damage but the distribution is different


Damn, after nearly 20 months of playing and realising you understand this completely wrong all this time LOL Big facepalm situation


lol i can’t blame you

SG could have made it clear like: “deals 380% damage to target and 190% damage to nearby” instead on minor

many will get confused by it

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