🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

@Guvnor @KiraSG will Dawa costume get further buff?

Why do Dawa costume have to be far weaker than Bjorn?

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WU KONG - I agree he should become easier to take seriously, but think he should preserve at least some of his “gamble soul” while doing so.
Here is my idea: Remaining Season 1 Costumes?

GORMEK - I would like his Costume to be less situational. He is a very cool OG hero.

KAILANI - First of all, I’m agreeing with all the comments saying it should be “all allies” and not “2 nearbies”. Secondly, her title is “Selfless Healer”, so she should at least be a healer in one of her 2 forms. I think for her Costume, if she regenerated HP over 5 turns instead of boosting DEF it would be great. (Damage sharing remains. DEF boost alone gets replaced.)

Edit: Actually when I think again, the Kailani Costume mentioned above is cool too… But I’ll still leave mine here. Just as another idea.

Edit 2: There are 3* events with enemies that reflect Red and strong against Green. The game could use a 3* healer from another color, right? Am I missing something?

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I would stack blue for sure.

Some thinking on 20\10\2020

  • Justice – not sure about it but don’t have any better idea. She could heal herself a bit (230HP in 2 turns or so) also.
  • Khagan – counting with the costume bonus, he sounds usable. It would be better if he did something else than DEF buff but I understand keeping the mere DEF buff since its been always there.
  • Leonidas – a quality, solid hero. Also another confirmation that Vela did not had to be that hard nerfed, specially after Ninja Heroes arrived.
  • Marjana – sadly you kept them like a pirate… that’s not a costume but ok. She’s powerful - but not in Finley/Jab/BK/Killhare level. And that’s nice since the costume are as rare as Monthly Event heroes.
  • Obakan – still does not sounds like he deservers a pack of royal tabbards.
  • Thorne – the lazy artwork here… worse than anybody can think. The undispellable skill is such a great add to the sniper hit. I would max a copy 100%.

I’d smile if I pull Marj, Thorne, Leo or Khagan.

  • Chao – sounds funny. he really deserves justice. i would buff his dmg a bit.

  • Colen – same trash as usual? be CRIATIVE, he’s slow. He could be a mini Zim or do something better, like being a sniper + Cleanse.

  • Cyprian – I was expecting he just like that

  • Grimm – nice. the high attack buff is awesome.

  • Gormek – gobbler? one of the worst 4*? ok.

  • Hu Tao – sounds nice now! feels like he’s missing something but I’m out of ideas.

  • Kelile – that burn only skills are fun but red 4*s from s1 lacks a lot of skills and it’s pretty bleh to see another fire damage hero.

  • Sabina – just like I’ve wanted. I think I wrote that somewhere in the forum back in the days.

  • Scarlett – perfect! Criativity on point!

  • Wu Kong – sounds very cool after the 1st update. he’s almost an easter hero now. His skill damage% could be a bit higher.

  • Dawa – like being just a copy of another hero was not bad enough, she is a lot weaker copy?

  • Gan Ju – -40% mana? nice!

  • Graymane – the original needs a buff to start with.

  • Jahangir – same as Colen and Kelile. Burn? burn? burnnnnn boring only.

  • Kailani – 50% attack buff is great! Can’t wait to pair her with GunnarC.

  • Nashgar – same as other reds.

  • Oberon – I like it.

  • Ulmer – some justice for ulmer at least. was expecting something with elemental def down.

  • Valen – very high attack buff. awesome, but if it were 4 turns and caster + nearby allies it could be a bit better.


I actually had a similar comment when I read her title as “Selfless Healer” and her base special skill was basically Spirit Link, like with Gunnar. I’m equally shocked they didn’t make her a healer this time around, instead giving her and allies an attack buff. I’m noticing a lot of these defensive/defense reduction heroes getting attack/offensive buffs and I’m curious why that is when they could give them something that’d make them worthwhile.

They’re starting to remind me that the first starting costumes for heroes like Horghall and Skittleskull could have benefitted from something entirely new/different instead of “it’s a new costume but the same crappy skill with no change other than 2%-5% in damage.”


Leo and Marjana’s costumes are basically the same but Leo is better in all aspects? Am I missing some rationale here why that is the case? I guess it’s the mana speed, but both are basically fast speed with the costume bonus. Leo is far and away better here IMO.

Horghall’s costume was a huge upgrade over his normal version. Normal version was 235% damage to all enemies with -34% attack for 6 turns. Costume version is 215% damage and -54% attack for 6 turns. That attack down is huge. I’m not saying that makes him a character that very many people will ascend (slow mana is slow mana…) but that’s a substantial improvement. He was awesome in the Ninja Tower, on the last levels, even when those 300% AOE damage skills went off that ignored defense… it tickled.

You are absolutely right about Skittleskull, but Horghall is another matter.


Thanks for clearing that up with me. I never noticed much and didn’t pay much attention to that detail. I just know the game keeps thinking I like Skittleskull enough to have 3 of his costume. I decided to work on the costume anyway for the bonus, but unless they someday revisit that again in a future update, I really can’t be bothered to ascend and finish leveling that hero.

Constrastly, fighting maxed and emblemed Keliles in raids (before this eventual update in Costume Chamber) actually makes me think maxing her and using her more wouldn’t be so bad. They always seem to knock out one or more of my heroes.

I bet it’s 100% mana speed. I’d still rather have Marj than Leo. Fast mana is just too important.


Yeah, I’ve been trying to find a justification for why the duration of her elemental defense down was changed from 4 to 3. Every other hero that does that, even the fast ones like Panther and Evelyn, does it for 4 turns. The only difference is she also does attack down at fast speed. I guess that’s why? It’s still kinda disappointing. They could just change the duration back to 4 and let her dispel buffs like Panther and Evelyn.

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Or let her dispel buffs before attacking. That would be awesome.

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@KiraSG @Petri plz tell ur higher management to change the special skill photo for constumes as it’s funny to see different name with same photo , I don’t understand ur put lot of time to create constumes and y don’t u spend little time to correct this small mistake ?

If wukong is getting def down then he should at least do 250% damage

Any idea about the release month?

Added to the OP now as it has been asked a couple times now.


i hope this isn’t the final version for round 3

some costumes still need improvement mentioned above.

i hope the discussion is still up in the beta about it

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3 advantages from Gormek over Gobbler

  • speed bonus 5% mana for full costume 10 -> 9 with mana troop lvl 5
  • lives longer than Gobbler (more health)
  • better color against Telluria compared to Gobbler

So overall really an improved version of Gobbler.


Yeah but it’s still Gobbler. I want costume Gormek not Costume Gobbler copy u know.

I’ll never again publish ideas and feature requests after what happened in January and March since they don’t care at all, but copying low quality s2 heroes like Gob or Agwe into newer heroes that people will spend to get is just trash.

I know you wanted some really new stuff…

Yeah I also read and posted stuff in the “Design a costume-thread”. There were some really good ideas. Sad thy did not use any of them.

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Finally, they actually added the first dark Def down hero. Will be a crazy costume month when C Leonidas appears

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