🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

To this point will there be another round of season 3 rares/epics? When?

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In what situation will you put vanilla Leonidas with 365% dmg to target vs costume skin 390% dmg to target and splash to nearby and defense down?

Thats what i am talking about…

That’s a valid point. I wasn’t saying his costume was OP. It’s just a stark contrast to the original. He’s probably one of the best costume upgrades if they release him like this.


it is definitely a welcome improvement over the original.

better strong rather than an underwhelming version (looking at horgall, obakan and quintus to an extent)

I would say if mana control is more important than the damage you would put in the vanilla Leonidas. It’s pretty situation dependent.

Leonidas is looking so good because Thorne, justice and many other costumes are just too weak in comparison.


When the next batch of costumes are released, do we expect them to all be available immediately? Or trickled out a couple at a time as the featured hero?

I don’t see it. Thorne would have 540% damage at fast speed (essentially) with a level 5 mana troop. That’s insane. I would LOVE to land a Thorne costume.


I want all the new costumes. Leo would finally be useful in my line up, Thorne would stop collecting dust and Marjana, already good, is made even better.

Me too. I would love to pull the sniper Thorne. But he’s still average mana, needs 6 telescopes and won’t do elemental defense and attack down causing him to not shine as much Leo.

@Chadmo I strongly believe they’ll be released in one pack since there’s not a huge amount of them.

Hope you’re right. I’m saving all those pulls for a shot at something new.

Me too, been saving keys forever. There still are some 4 and 3*s outta there that I want to grab. Good luck.

Don’t know and don’t know.

Will make a new #beta-beat thread if/when they come to beta. I personally expect that there will be at least one more round of 3&4* heroes to come but don’t really expect to see them until the new year.

History of the Costume Chamber says yes, new costumes will be available all at once.


After these costumes, all of the S1 heroes should have a costume version. Does anybody know if SG has any plan to possibly make more than one costume for each hero?


You know I just realized, costume Marjana combined with Mitsuko would be pretty OP flanks for a blue tank. Typically for a red-blue-red center you’d bring a blue stack, but if either of them goes off (especially Mistuiko) you’re hosed.

Of course this doesn’t stop a determined attacker from just stacking green instead and worrying about the flanks later after killing the tank, in which case it might be beneficial to replace Mits with GM for some extra burn. A GM-blue-cMarjana center would effectively counter both blue and green stacks, because if GM goes off and you stacked green you’re burning down fast, while cMarjana makes your blue stack lame.


His costume deals more damage because it no longer heals him. Look at Prisca or Renfeld. 235% or 215% damage to a single target and heals for 50% of the damage vs 335% damage to target for Balthazar. They are average speed too and Balthazar is fast. SG seems to value that healing fairly highly so it reduces the damage dealt. Offhand I’d say they overvalue the healing it provides as the heroes with abilities like that seem to pretty universally be considered weak.

How does CMarjana punish blue more than any other color (on defense)? The special is the special. I’d stack blue on that without a worry.


Oh…LOL! Duh. I wasn’t registering on that! Still…bringing a cleanser for Gravemaker anyways. It’s like seeing Gravemaker/Vela basically. Not really a problem with a cleanser.

I mean sure if you can get your cleanser charged in time you can win against a lot of defenses. Just saying cMarjana increases the risk of a blue stack.

But since w’re on the topic, would you still bring a blue stack to Mistuko-blue-cMarjana? Or would you just stack green and worry about the flanks later? Genuinely curious.

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