🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

Ouch. No no no no. You did not understand the whole mana concept.

+12% mana means 1 tile is worth 1.12 mana instead of 1.0 . You don’t get any mana for free… (only in Ninja tower as one of the Oni-boni)

You still need to charge the hero with tiles.
Khagan (slow) needs 12.0 to be charged. Say you played 10 tiles (none ghosting) with the bonus then you have 11.2 mana. Not quite enough. So you need the 11th tile to charge him.

Khagan 12 -> 11

It is interesting bringing average heroes (10 tiles) together with Khagan.
Now 9x1.12 = 10.8 …so 9 tiles are enough to load that average mana hero.

Average 10 -> 9

This is what you wanna do: Bringing Average heroes together with Khagan to make them faster.


If devs wants Khagan become a 5* slow sniper then he should deals 650-700 damage and remove mana generation or defence buff. That’s make sense when compared with Lianna. But in fact is, what’s the point of slow sniper for ? That’s may a joke if he never fire his special before being down by a fast sniper…

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If Justice has similar abilities to owls and his stats are better than owls, why not change the owl’s mana speed from very slow to slow!?

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I miss the whole element of black in my roster :thinking:

Also there are valhala heroes with minions like nordi and jott by their realm bonus.

Make Scarlett like Azar or better - 185 to target and nearby. - 15 % mana for enemies
Make Wu Kong like tarlak - 100% normal damage up to 150% with similiar effects
Make Colen like Azlar
Make Thorne - 370 to target and nearby enemies.
DONT MAKE Gormek like Gobbler!

Will be revisiting this from time to time to look at any updates to some of these costumes.

My input might be similar to everyone elses:

  • Thorne: Shocked he doesn’t have a defense down added to his special skill. Or elemental defense reduction to ice heroes. Idk if it’s to not make Teltoc heroes obsolete (which would never happen anyway because they’re great), but it would be pretty great to have that on Thorne.
  • Wu Kong: If the way you wish to go about Wu Kong is that he NEEDS a debuff similar to his base costume (greatly increased attack w/ reduced accuracy), you could give him Ranvir’s buff, where the increased attack is based on enemy HP being higher than caster+allies BUT still has reduced accuracy. If you’re willing to buff him regardless, he could use Tarlak’s/Miki’s buff on normal attack.
    • If Wu Kong can’t have a buff without a debuff, give him the Boast debuff (from By-Ulf) where, after the buff expires, he gets uncleansable debuffs like reduced accuracy, reduced attack, reduced healing received, etc.
    • Someone I interact with suggested giving a unique buff that isn’t in the game yet; under the assumption that the route for Wu Kong’s costume is to give him an increased defense buff for caster+allies, you could introduce a “Flesh Wound” buff, where he and allies gain x% chance of reducing received damage to 1 HP while also having y% chance of taking more damage. After that, you can reapply the Ailment Immunity buff.
  • Oberon would be nice having the Skeleton Minions that Thoth-Amun already summons when he uses his special skill. This is a personal note from me, since the only difference between costume and base is costume’s debuff cannot be cleansed.
  • Ulmer’s special skill sounds more like it should decrease enemy accuracy rather than increase caster+allies’ attack. Not against that buff.

Thorne’s attack increase to 726 ? Sounds good because his mana speed is average but deals 540% damage to the target.

Hu Tao’s special seems worser than normal version especailly sonic wall power is huge reduced, although he gets new ability that all enemies get -50% decrease for any healing received for 4 turns, but that’s actually not very practical, defences buffs is way more useful.

Wu Kung’s special has totally changed, I’m ok with that but caster gets -20% defence is no fair, I prefer lesser damage say 120% but enemies gets -50% defence for 3 turns. He should be a debuffer instead of offenser.

ah again no cleanse for Red , please Gormek as mini Kong

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I hope they change Wu Kong costume to be 4* version of Tarlak/Miki. The base one is already 4* version on Ranvir. (It is about all attack vs tiles only).

We still don’t have red dispeller, aren’t we?


I decided to max Gormek finally in hopes of also getting his costume when it’s released.
+18 emblems on him too.

So, here’s to hoping… lol


Anyone know when these costumes will get released?

In Version 33. (Current Version 32 came out about a week ago.)

Maybe in time for next month, but don’t forget these are BETA and may/probably change. (Or even disappear entirely :scream:.)

Per the V33 #beta-beat thread this is my personal thoughts:

Reason being:

  1. beta currently has the Christmas theme to it so I expect to see testing of Christmas heroes & event in this beta version.

  2. the previewed mythic titans were slated by staff to be out in 2020 and we haven’t seen them yet in beta.

Between thosw two items & costumes and maybe more HotM and S3 heroes, I cannot see the V33 update coming out until late November, early December.


Should be before next costume event is started, next month I think.

Wukong costume skill:

All allies get +85% normal attack for 4 turns. Stacks with similar status effects up to a maximum of +130% normal attack


Yes! This is what I was hoping for from Wu’s costume, a decent substitute for those of us who don’t have Miki or Tarlak. I would even be happy if that 130% attack buff only applied when battling titans, which is the main way I use him anyway.


WTH Leonidas’ costume is super strong! Base Leo does 365% dmg to 1 but the costume does 390% to 1 AND 195% dmg to 2 adjacent?!

They need to make that if you get costume for hero, his normal skin also gets a lift ( stronger special skill).

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Leo’s costume damage is on par with similar heros (the hatter, norns and sargasso) i don’t see it being an issue.


The special kind of gets a boost because the overall stats of the normal get a 5%/5%/5%/10% boost once the costume is leveled.

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