🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

It’s not known. Nobody can give you that answer.

Costumes need an update. After an update there is usually 5 odd working days between update being released and it being forced.

Based on that information you will have to make your own decision.


Ty @Guvnor for infos and for your great patience!

Much appreciated @Guvnor! Looks like it will be next month, will proceed accordingly

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I hope they will leave it to December as yesterday i already futfilled my November 5 star hero quote LOL

@Vikingblood80 Yeah I felt 60% was a bit low as well, but now that it is 85%, Obakan’s costume might very well be a decent hero.

Is there any chance that new costumes will come out this month in the live game?

A chance, yes, but a very small one. Costumes should come Monday, and updates don’t tend to roll out that fast.

There is a chance to add dispel all ailments for all allies - buff to Kelile?

Not at this point, no.

I’m hoping that in 6 months we get a second costume for S1 heroes. Maybe then they’ll address some of the glaring color issues.

Like, maybe yellow and purple 3* healers, red 4* cleanse and dispel, and blue mana control at ANY level.

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With a second costume you mean on the same Costume event or a new event ? Because is almost impossible see a second costume for each S1 hero

I would love each hero to have a second costume but the only thing to change for it, is to make the hero the OPPOSITE colour/element that it currently is.

So, caedmon in his “second costume” would become a red.
Sonya would be green
cBoldtusk would be blue.
cRigard would become yellow.


i think it could be nice, and a nice way to give even more use for each hero


It will be interesting to see what they do. With the last of the S1 costumes presumably rolling out in the December costume chamber they will be done with the obvious costumes but they haven’t said anything I’ve seen about what will be next. I’m sure they’ll want something new sooner or later to keep interest in the costume event and keep people spending.

Some people have speculated about costumes for S2 heroes but IMO that seems odd because they aren’t as far behind on the power curve which would mean the costumes would be less of an upgrade or they’d be more powerful than S3 heroes which feels a bit odd. It would also give a second source for S2 heroes since the hero comes with the costume which again feels a little odd at this point.

A second costume for the S1 heroes is another interesting idea but there are a lot of questions in there. Does the game even support multiple costumes for the same hero? The UI looks like it could allow you to cycle through any number of costumes but don’t know about the actual game engine. How are costume bonuses handled with multiple costumes? Another 5% attack/defense/mana and 10% health for having 2 leveled costumes would put them as the strongest heroes in the game currently. 10% mana from costume + 2% or 4% from emblems would be enough to get an average mana hero down to 9 tiles and allow you to use a crit or ninja troop instead of a mana troop. That seems really strong. On the other hand getting nothing for leveling that second costume other than being able to use that second costume feels less useful unless you make all the costumes really good. I certainly wouldn’t even think about leveling Boril’s costume as a second costume with no additional bonus from leveling the costume.

Then there’s also the question of what they do with the second costume. Color change would be an interesting idea if it’s actually possible and could help fill in some of the remain gaps for healers of specific colors/classes without having to do something like turn a damage dealer into a healer with a costume. If not what else would do. Most of the costumes seem to cover the most obvious change without just making the costume basically a different hero. Dispel change to cleanse. Heal changed to HoT. You’d end up needing a bunch of costumes like the handful of more unique ones like Renfeld costume or Little John but even those are just variations on other existing heroes abilities.


Why is there no change to all the fire ailment heroes (colen, nashgar and jahangir), this is so boring with the repetition


Disappointed by marjana’s nerf to 3 turns for fire def down :frowning:


Thats beacuse she is fast speed and among best heroes in empires and puzzles.


I like it. This would shake things up for sure. Great idea. Would certainly break the monotony and take me out of the boredom I am starting to experience with the game.


What speed is panther again?

Lol. No. Not even close. I have her, I use her regularly, but I’d love to have any one of a half dozen better reds to replace her (outside of costume). If I do get the costume that’ll change, but that’s a really slim chance.


Guardian panther is fast :heart_eyes::purple_heart:

Great idea! Never thought of how useful they’d be as a different color. Not very many great holy Heroes


We are talking about costume Marjana, not vanilla… you cant have that yet…

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