🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

This holds water…

They would earn extra money if costume heroes would be more dynamic like some examples are…People would be more inclined to chase specific 4* heroes as well

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The reason to met too much negative feedback for wukong is people had too many expectation for wukong as mini tarlark/miki.

Only great 4* hero who can burst titan is wukong, with costume we thought lower “burst” but without miss chance.

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And until that happens, the costume’s special, even the second version, is going to keep getting negative feedback. People use Wu Kong for Titan hits, and Miki and Tarlak gave such a convenient template for what Wu Kong’s costume could have been.

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Wu looks like the first costume so far that I’ll probably never, ever, use. Not situationally in certain tourneys. Not as expendable fodder in early Tavern/Tower stages. Not war cleanups, Epic event teams, class trials, or even farming. I’ll max it for the costume bonus on the og version and that’s it.

Very disappointing that the company can’t or won’t see the desire for more than a basic titan specialist among the FTP/CTP crowd - since every good one is still locked behind pay walls (including the Tavern for the very best among them) i don’t think we’re wrong to deduce that it’s absolutely intentional.


If they do decide to do costumes for S2, I would love to know the reason. Nothing necessarily against it, but I was on the belief that costumes were started up to help buff the S1 heroes, since it was slowly becoming more noticeable that S1 heroes are starting to feel pretty obsolete, against S3 heroes, some of the newer event heroes (notably the Challenge Event) and some of the newer HOTM having innate resistances and abilities and special skills that would be pretty hard to deal with with only S1 heroes. Even the legendaries from TC20 probably didn’t feel enough.

I was thinking the costume bonus was equal to the family bonuses to a degree.


Any information yet regarding New Costumes’ this month’s release? I will decide on pulls based on this information, many thanks in advance

There is info on new costumes in another thread mate.

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20characterssssssss of +1

@CoachNeiko Obakan changed to 85% riposte-3 … as I said 60% is too weak…and I am even not a beta tester. :joy:

Can someone please comment whether we are getting new costumes on Monday or not. I cannot pull in this current event without knowing, loss of business…

It’s not known. Nobody can give you that answer.

Costumes need an update. After an update there is usually 5 odd working days between update being released and it being forced.

Based on that information you will have to make your own decision.


Ty @Guvnor for infos and for your great patience!

Much appreciated @Guvnor! Looks like it will be next month, will proceed accordingly

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I hope they will leave it to December as yesterday i already futfilled my November 5 star hero quote LOL

@Vikingblood80 Yeah I felt 60% was a bit low as well, but now that it is 85%, Obakan’s costume might very well be a decent hero.

Is there any chance that new costumes will come out this month in the live game?

A chance, yes, but a very small one. Costumes should come Monday, and updates don’t tend to roll out that fast.

There is a chance to add dispel all ailments for all allies - buff to Kelile?

Not at this point, no.

I’m hoping that in 6 months we get a second costume for S1 heroes. Maybe then they’ll address some of the glaring color issues.

Like, maybe yellow and purple 3* healers, red 4* cleanse and dispel, and blue mana control at ANY level.

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