🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

So, I only need 4 of those heros to get an endless loop of Special Skills going? And The 5th hero can be anyone…

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Yes, now 4 is more than enough :smiley:

seems balanced.
20 balancing characters


Now he is clearly OP.

Just adding the heal was sufficient enough with the original mana/tiles boosts


Totally agree.

I want this guy!. Gamechanger in purple mono. Pair him with Malicna and after using his special skill the games is alredy won

What the f… is that? totaly broken include one in team and auto win


Are they serious?!?!:fearful::fearful::fearful:

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Xnolphod was interesting when I first heard of him. Thought you could use him with slower heroes to make them fire faster.

If all he did was heal for 37% and do 20% mana, he’d get compared to Ariel. You would question how much extra value cleanse has versus immediate mana gain.

Now he looks like a great hero by doing a lot, but is it enough to actually make him good.

As an average hero Xnolphod would need 10 tiles to fire special. After 30% mana boost, they’ll only need 7 more. With 64% mana boost, that drops to 5 tiles (those five tiles being worth a normal 8.2 tiles). Throw a mana troop on Xnolphod (or get mana benefits from Grimble, Seshat, Malicna) and that can easily go down to 4 tiles. Once Xnolphod gets going it seems like you’ve got the match going for you.

Unrelated Xnolphod question: how do the mana shields interact with Karnov? Can shields have both mana and attack boost? Or only one?

Yes, he is totally…

One copy of him makes any dark hero to charge in less than 7 tiles (if there is enough dark tiles you can pair when he fires his skill).

Unfortunately, I have not got Karnov. I will try to ask someone to check it.

(I have Jott, and his icon on ice tiles and Xnolpod’s icon on dark tiles are in the same position.
So they may replace each other, but I am asked for confirmation)

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That’s a huge swing from one extreme to the other. No doubt there will be a fair bit more to-ing and fro-ing before he settles to his final form. (Even if he becomes spectacularly bad, though, I’ll still want at least one.)


Ooooooh i want that Squid.
He will probably get nerfed but any boosting Mana heroes are welcome in my roster.

I have received confirmation from other Beta testers. They are overwriting each other. So “last win”.


Oh my gosh and I thought giving him only 10% mana would be balanced. 30% now? That’s insane. Would he be nerfed to slow then?
He’s basically fine a few hours ago. But he gets recovery now? So he’s basically a 5* Brynhild minus the dispel protection at this point.
my condolences to anyone playing rush in the future…


That is highly unlikely. SG usually does not change the mana speed of any heroes (even in Beta).
I know there are some exceptions, but they are extremely rare…

It think SG will nerf the special skills of this hero. Maybe somewhere between the original form and this form, but we will see, when this hero will come back to Beta next time.

Event without rush tournament / war he is very useful:
His +30% mana is basicly increasing the mana speed of each hero by at least one:
Very slow: 13.5 tiles to 9.45 ( = 10 so it will be a average hero)
Slow: 12 tiles to 8.4 (= 1 tile better than average)
Average: 10 tiles to 7 (= 1 tile better that fast = very fast)
Fast: 8 tiles to 5.6 (= 1 tile better than very fast)
Very fast: 6.5 tiles to 4.55 (= Ninja’s charge speed)
Charge: 5 tiles to 3.5 (= 1 tile faster then the current version)

If the hero color is dark, and you can match enough buffed tiles, then
Slow and Very slow dark heros can be charge in 6 tiles (1 tile better than Very fast)
Average dark heroes can be charged in 5 tiles (Ninja’s charge speed)
Fast dark heroes can be charged in 4 tiles (1 tile faster than Ninja’s charge speed)
Very fast and Charge speed dark heroes can be charged in 3 tiles (2 tiles faster than Ninja’s charge speed)

(And maybe some of these can be speeded up with talents and mana troops)

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It takes 1 format to break a hero. Alfrike is already traumatizing to play against in rush. I don’t even play tourneys and wars now and even I will feel the stress facing this hero

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I find it curious that the character of Passepartout is not in beta or appears to be a character we will see a hero card of eventually. I say this because if you pay attention to when he is talking as the season progresses he is constantly leaning on a hammer in the lower right corner that reminds at least a little of Mjolnir. I’m not saying he’s Thor in disguise, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we eventually learn he’s a lot more than he seems now.


Well she is quite good in offense. But on defense, it’s just okay, unless you are stupid enough to bring Mono Purple then you are doomed once he/she fired XD

You are trolling right?

No, these are the actual changes in Beta :smiley:
@Guvnor can confirm it.

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Another dark sorcerer, there’s already lepiota that’s already sorcerer. Maybe change his class to wizard?

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