🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

what is the order of appearance of the new heroes in the portal of S4 ??? aouda, Hanna then Morel ???

Who knows :man_shrugging: we’ll find out when they hit the portal… :man_shrugging:


My guess would be on Russula. There is no blue 5* in this portal for the moment, so… maybe ?

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Does anyone can anticipate, when new S4 4 star heroes will be introduced?

Morel can be released too :slight_smile:

But we will know what comes next by this time tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Still not sure on who the red headed woman is on the S4 banner. Russula is a hero that can be found as a enemy in Province 6, i think. Or, maybe her name has yet to be revealed

The woman with the hat and the golden skull is Hannah.

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Understood. Forgot that name

Its Russala, and it got hammered with nerf hammer lol
No resists while its in hiding

Not nerfed…just a bug…it’s been fixed.


Until @Guvnor updates the OP I can inform the community about the changes related to Season 4 heroes.

These are the Hero changes in the current Beta:

Captain Nemo

  • Attack is decreased from 842 to 821
  • Defense is decreased from 770 to 751
  • HP is decreased from 1359 to 1334
  • Class is change from Rogue to Fighter


  • Attack is decreased from 846 to 824
  • Defense is decreased from 776 to 756
  • HP is decreased from 1347 to 1316
  • Class is change from Monk to Sorcerer

New hero added: Xnolphod

  • Rarity: Legendary/5*
  • Gender: Male
  • Power: 809
  • Attack: 778
  • Defense: 782
  • HP: 1380
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Element: Dark
  • Ability: Decrease Ailment Duration – Duration of the first 3 status ailments this hero receives from Special Skills is decreased by 1 turn.
  • Mana Speed: Average
  • Special Skill: Ancient Enchantment
    • Enchances all Dark shields on the board. When an attacking hero casts the special, the enchanced shields give +24% more mana. When a defending hero casts the special, shields are weakened and give -24% less mana.
    • Increases the mana of all allies by 20%.

Wow… that’s the squid, huh? Sounds fantastic! I want one! Actually I want six…

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Just a minor additional information about this.
If you fire Xnolphod’s special skill, then he will have 20% mana too (instead of empty mana bar) so actually he will turned to be a fast hero instead of average mana speed after his skill is fired at least once.


Cool mechanic but really really bad hero overall. He needs another support skill to be more appealing. Another option would be to make him very fast so he can be a real mana buffeur

Wow. The squid hero looks like a titan hero

Beta Update

Some Season 4 heroes have returned to Beta V39.1 for additional testing & changes.

  • Captain Nemo
  • Zenobia

Also have a new hero added for first pass testing:

  • Xnolphod

Check the OP for all relevant information & changes.

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So xnolphod is a poor man’s (insert mana drain hero) basically? For a hero whose main role is to slow down mana, I think he should be fast. But if he was fast, his 20% mana given to all allies would be quite OP. Would he being fast but lower his mana giving skill to 10% work in his favour?

Oh gosh imagine him, alfrike and malicna in the same team. And with rush, I can’t imagine this to be good news


So does innate abilities that resist mana slow work against these weakened shields?

No. Because it affects the tiles not the hero.

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These balance changes are arrived for Xnolphod in Beta:

  • The special skill now recovers 37% health for all allies.
  • Mana bonus from enhanced shields increased from +20% to +64% on offense and from -20% to -57% on defense.
  • Direct mana increase changed from 20% to 30%.
  • Attack stat decreased from 778 to 768.
  • Defense stat increased from 782 to 793.

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