🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

Frigg Power: 786 Attack: 753 Defense: 760 HP: 1320
5 tiles 190% -23%
6 tiles 208% -26%
7 tiles 226% -29%
8 tiles 244% -32%
9 tiles 244% -35%

Morel Power: 807 Attack: 772 Defense: 745 HP: 1452
0 tiles [200%+30%] -34%

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Still too much for fast mana.

Obakan costume deal 182% nobody call that too high :thinking: also with similar attack stat, for me she is now nothing special a good hero for standards like we have now in this unbalanced game :yum:

I’m still laughing at everyone who ever maxed Isarnia and/or spent thousand for Finley or Vela. Imagine how much SGG thinks you’re dumb.

You should laugh at anyone who didn’t max them when they were the best available, just in case one day a better hero would come along. They’ve been playing all this time while you’ve been hoarding… what?


It just reminded me of when they rebalanced Telluria further nerfing her damage percentage. Useless and totally missing the whole main point of the hero.

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For Morel, I think they could have just made her skill cleansable and not lower the damage but I’m not testing it so maybe it’s better this way. I do hate Frigg and her special so maybe the lower damage for Morel is good. They really should have made Frigg average because she seems to always go off at least twice when I’m fighting her.

Would you de-emblem Finley for Morel since both are Rangers and blue heroes? I think I would, even though it’s overall lower damage at least it’s consistent and not dependent on status buffs on the enemy.

I like Hannah, I wish her attack debuff was a bit higher since most attack debuffs are and her’s is uncleansable so you can’t override it with a high debuff. I feel like she might be nice on defense with Elizabeth, it will really drain the enemy of HP with their fiends

This statements holds true, until you realize, there arent really any high goals in game to achieve…So hoarding or maxing doesnt make as big of a difference if you can get in the high tier of game rewards currently.

Game really lacks top tier arena (above diamond) with alot better rewards) and extra lvls to normal challenges where you can raise bar of enemy teampower as high as you dare for increasingly better rewards (think extra lvls for tavern, ninja tower, trials (emblems),… here differences in teampower of your team and having best of the best would really amount to something.


Edit: Off topic…

This could be easily implemented by the removal of items and by making events a one play deal. Players strafe bombing levels with items and/or endlessly replaying more or less make the cards redundant anyway.

Force pjayers to use the cards absent items and then this…

…would have some relevance.

Sorry OP, back to topic…

I understand, but items are part of the game and SG wants something out of them as well…
Battle items also give chance to lesser’’ players to go for high score if they strategize well enough based on their team compositio. Higher lvl players, items would provide extra boost in how high they can climb on enemy team power ladder.

So items would get alot more relevance, than just clearing faster or clearing easier automaticaly as currently…

Unless I missed your point

I think we’re saying the same thing. The overuse (for want of a better word) makes the current events etc an exercise in farming the maps and not really about the cards themselves.

Anyhoo, thanks for the reply and best let the thread get back to the OP. :slightly_smiling_face:

Somehow, that reminded me of an old joke I know:

After reading that if two trains collided at current speeds, all the passengers of the first car (wagon) in each train would definitely die, someone came with a brilliant idea: “Well, just get rid of the first car!”

If you won’t max your best heroes because better ones will come, do you max heroes that are not even the best of your current roster, or do you just not max any hero at all?


Beta Update - 7 May

Additional balance change to morel:

  • Damage reduced from 200% → 180%

So morel is nothing special now frigg is better


Not really.

Frigg needs 5 tiles to do more damage (7 for 1st strike), and 9 tiles to have a better defense down.

On offense I’d much rather have Morel. On defense, probably Frigg. But harder to say.

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I got my Finley in a single 10 pull quite a while ago (over a year anyway I think). I wasn’t chasing him. I just got super lucky.

I’ve not pulled in Pirates since as that pretty much ticked the box.

New costume comes out and I’ll not chase that either. Probably won’t even summon in it. Finley doesn’t magically become rubbish with a new costume arriving…


They really don’t want to touch the defence down lol. It’s to the point I feel so bad for this hero. Got shitted by everyone since she was announced and got nerfed three times in such a short time. My god put this hero out of her misery please :rofl:

So, fry the mushroom?

I think is in good spot now, with last update :slight_smile:


Isarnia is still fine, since she’s a staple and a must have for any f2p. I can’t imagine anyone with Finley to be excited seeing morel

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