🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

Only on offense. On defense they’d fire once each every turn unless they changed the AI.

Hero is much closer to being balanced now. I think he needs just a small amount of an adjustment still though. Change the heal to 30% and the direct mana increase to 15%, and I think he would be perfect.

Zenobia class must be monk,there are too many Hp heroes is cleric,Please change it back, thank you!Otherwise, there will be very few players willing to summon.

Suggest Xnolphod

  • Recovers 32% health for all allies.
  • Enhances all Dark Shields on the board. When an attacking Hero casts the special, the enhanced shields give +31% more mana. When a defending Hero casts the special, the shields become weakened and give -24% less mana.
  • Increase the mana of all allies by 25%.

I cant find thread for Aouda like other S4 heroes have. Actually, is there any?

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I have not see any.
So I have added it:

@Guvnor if you see some issues, then feel free to edit.


Hey guys :slight_smile: Does anyone know which hero will be released in August?

My guess would be on Nemo or Zenobia. Until now, there is only one red 5* hero in S4 : Elizabeth, so I’m won’t be surprised if they decide to add another one next month.

As long as it isn’t a fish…


I put together a full review for Captain Nemo, here.

Edit: My brain was in fudge mode, thinking the target needed a ailment/stack, not him. As a result I’ve updated the post. Thanks to Quickfix for letting me know.

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It’s 600% if the caster has status ailments not the target, as you write in your review.

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A silly mistake by me. My brain took in target instead of caster. Thanks for telling me.

when does the second *3 *4 hero come ?

We have not seem them in Beta and we do not know that whether there will be another round of them or not.

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If season 4 follows suit to season 3 then we should be seeing five more 3 and 4 star heroes pretty soon. There are 6 months of provinces to be released after August is over so that would seem to mean six more 5 stars to be released, as well, taking the totals to: 3 stars - 10, 4 stars - 10, 5 stars - 18 (exactly like season 3) Xnolphod and Zenobia are the only 2 left from beta and it’s a pretty good bet Passepartout will be included so that leaves 3 more to go. Most of these heroes are from classic literature (Captain Nemo - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), (Akkorog, Garjammal, Vollermork, Tettukh, Helo, Morel, Lepiota & Russula (Eloi & Morlochs) taken from The Time Machine), (Gramps, Poppy, Mack, Rokkamush (Halflings and Ettin Smasher) taken from the writings of JRR Tolkien), (Griffin - taken from The Invisible Man), (Dr. Moreau - The Island of Dr. Moreau), (Phileas Fogg, Aouda, Passepartout - Around the World in 80 Days) and (Prof. Lidenbrock - A Journey to the Center of the Earth). That leaves Elizabeth, perhaps from the Sherlock Holmes story The Kiss of the Spider Woman, Xnolophod & Zila Lei - ?, Hannah - ? and Zenobia, possibly Kali from Around the World in 80 Days. There are plenty of books left and plenty of characters, too, so it just makes me curious as to what direction they will be taking for the last batch of heroes. Any ideas where the ? heroes come from, did I get any wrong and/or any thoughts as to which characters will be included next? Just some fun musings here while playing through Province 18.


I think when the season is half way done, so around september.

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Is your emoji the trap door from Final Fantasy 2?!?!

Actually it’s Final Fantasy IV but I believe in USA it was released as Final Fantasy II at one moment. I dunno if actual Final Fantasy II has Trap Doors as well.

Honestly, she seems to be a genderbent Indiana Jones judging by how she looks.

As someone currently playing FF4 for the first time and just having finished the dark crystal retrieval sequence, that image makes me irrationally angry.


Yes, you are correct. USA it was FF2. Elsewhere FF4. Anyway, love the shoutout to a great vintage game.

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